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It took a year since the release of the game, but JAKKS Pacific has recently released a World of Nintendo figure for Super Mario Odyssey - the 4" Mario with Cappy figure. As one of the most popular games for the Nintendo Switch, it's a bit of a surprise that it took so long for this to come out. This figure is not simply a reprint of earlier Mario figures - it comes with an updated design.

World of Nintendo - Mario and Cappy Box Art

Cappy, Mario's sidekick from Super Mario Odyssey in the form of Mario's red cap is included as an accessory with the package.

This figure differs from the other figures in that Mario's isn't wearing a cap and his hair is visible. Mario's brown hair has very fine details and there are three strands that stick out a little bit on the front of his face. This plumber sure keeps a nice hair-do!

World of Nintendo - Mario with Cappy Throwing Pose

Another change is that the denim in Mario's overalls actually have more realistic texture that actually looks like a jean material, unlike the previous figures which are just a smooth blue plastic.

As for the hands, Mario's right hand is in the form of a closed fist, and the left hand is has his index finger pointing out. Both hands are capable of holding Cappy, but Cappy will hold on a bit more stable when put on his closed fist.

Cappy looks very realistic, and he looks proportional to how he looks like in Super Mario Odyssey. He fits pretty well when put on other figures - now it would be even better if they included an extra mustache so that it can look like an actual capture!

The big negative is that because of Mario's hair, Cappy will not fit on Mario's head properly, this is one flaw that should have not have been overlooked. Cappy will just "sit" on Mario's hat, it looks ok but still is slightly awkward.

World of Nintendo - Mario with Cappy not entirely fitting his head

The articulation of this Mario is otherwise the same as the other Mario figures from the World of Nintendo series. The arms and legs all move the same way, so you can still make all sorts of fun poses just as you did before. He's able to stand on a single leg while holding Cappy too!

World of Nintendo - Mario with Cappy Figure Comparison

Overall, the Mario with Cappy 4" figure another excellent figure to add to a World of Nintendo collection, for sure it is a must have for fans of Super Mario Odyssey. Even if you already have an existing Mario figure from the series, the finer design details and having Cappy is enough of a differentiating factor.

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Score 9/10

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