Why "L is Real 2401" will be unreadable in Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Super Mario 64 will be one of the games remastered for the Nintendo Switch as part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars compilation that will be released for the Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary.

One of the most famous theories is that it was that "L is Real 2401" meant that that Luigi is in Super Mario 64, and it has been famously pranked on this website on April Fools Day in 2000 - although we weren't even the originators of this joke. More likely than not, it says "Eternal Star" which is why it is a statue of a star.

L is Real 2401 making an appearance in Super Mario Odyssey
"L is Real 2401" making an appearance in Super Mario Odyssey

Recently, there have been source code leaks of Super Mario 64 which prove that Luigi was once in the game during early development, but he was later removed.

Some of the graphics are improved in the Super Mario 64 remastering for the Nintendo Switch. You can clearly see that the HUD (heads up display) in the game features icons for Marios (lives), coins and stars look far more crisp.

But besides that, most of the in-play graphics textures are largely untouched - more like an upscaled port. This means that Mario still has his 64-bit look from 1996 - he doesn't even have the enhanced shadows that were found in Super Mario Odyssey when he had the retro look.

Super Mario 64 - Super Mario 3D All Stars Improved HUD textures
Some graphics like the HUD icons are improved in the Super Mario 64 Switch remastering...

Unless the developers at Nintendo do some fan service to make the sign texture readable or clickable, the infamous sign in the courtyard will forever be a mystery.

Here's a "sign" that these signs won't be readable. Take a look at this screenshot that was released - featuring a sign in Bob-omb Battlefield. The sign post appears to be in a blurry texture, much like the "L is Real 2401" sign in the courtyard. It doesn't seem like these textures got the re-rendered upscale treatment.

Super Mario 64 - Super Mario 3D All Stars Sign
However, this sign post texture appears to be have the same kind of blur as it did in the original Super Mario 64

Chances are that the sign in the courtyard might be succumbed to this, unreadable. Though if you have too much time and want to run around 64 times and punch the sign, go ahead and see if it will bring out Luigi like we all hoped...

The throwback to Super Mario 64 in Super Mario Odyssey featured the famous courtyard and sign, but in that instance it was not legible as well.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the mystery won't be solved in the Super Mario 64 Switch remake, and that's a pity. But we will know for sure in two weeks when Super Mario 3D All-Stars is released on September 18.

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