E-Mailbag for May 19, 2018

The long awaited SM128C E-Mailbag is finally back after 9 years! Some questions are super dated, but what the heck we're gonna answer 'em anyways!

Jesse wrote:

That New Play Control! Mario Sunshine/Super Mario 64 is fake isn't it!? ISN'T IT!?
Thanks a lot, you jerks!
Me and my little brother were so excited! He CRIED when I told him it was fake! I hope you realize what you did wrong! I don't care if April Fool's is all about pranks! YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT! THANKS FOR MAKING MY BROTHER CRY, JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hairball: Hahaha, of course. It's remarkable that's the only day of the year people actually come to SM128C, but unfortunately due to my exodus I was unable to provide an update for the last 4 years.

Tiger: Is fake news fake only if you think it's fake? If you suspend your belief to not be fake, then it would still be news? Believe in yourself.

Peachy: If your brother is so delicate that he cries over online pranks...well, good luck to him in life.

Mystery Ball wrote:

Hairball... I care! I care that you reviewed SMG. I CARE!

Hairball: Thanks Mystery Ball! Though I wonder if anyone else ever reads these things.

Tiger: Thanks for caring.

Peachy: Maybe a little too much caring?

Daryl wrote:

Yeah, my name is Da-rrell its spelled like Daryl its pronounced like Da-rell and just wanted to let you all know, the back of yo heads are ridiculous.

Hairball: Well um, it's not like your name was hard to pronounce? Unless I'm missing something here.

Tiger: Da-licious.


Alexis wrote:

Hello, I was wondering the whereabouts of your SolarGamer. He knocked me up a month ago and I need to contact him immediately.

Hairball: This must be a recurring problem with a handsome lad like SolarGamer who is flirty with the girls, I can't count the number of children he has with my 10 fingers.

Tiger: How bad was the bruise?

Peachy: Yes, an old Mario website is ABSOLUTELY the place to look!

Shelley wrote:

In one hand I have a pineapple and in the other I have a coconut. Which one will I eat first?

Hairball: Put them together and make a pina colada?

Tiger: Your hand.

Peachy: Mmm, pineappleeeee...

reece wrote:

dear:sm128c,I CANT SPIN OUT
THE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I KEEP

Hairball: Call 911 or your local fire department if there's a fire!!!


Peachy: Nah, son.

iwonderwhatsfordinner wrote:

I read the post about New Play Control SM64-SMS. I think these april fools jokes are in bad taste, but I bet everyone does huh?

Nintendo really should make a game like that though!

Hairball: SM64 and SMS have been out for so long that I wouldn't mind a remake on the Nintendo Switch in HD. That'd be something!

Tiger: Taste is subjective.

Peachy: You're in bad taste.

what wrote:

hey peachy why don't you throw a picture my way sometime ;)

Hairball: Just try to look her up on Tinder, it'd be easier than asking on our near nonexistent updates.

Tiger: [ picture ]

Peachy: My significant other might not be so thrilled if I'm sending pics out to other guys...I'm flattered though! But I still wouldn't send pics even if I were single! Bye!

Dee wrote:

What is the start up screen for this, can you help me. Does this really work

The reported key sequence:
Rotate the nunchuk control stick counterclockwise 16 times and continue to hold in that direction, press B, then press A, and finally press 1 and 2 together.

Hairball: Read the instructions again, keep trying and then email us back ok?

Tiger: I think so.

Peachy: Wat.

Andrew Walker (from 2011) wrote:

Just wanted to let know that I was looking at the old email bags and saw questions I had asked when I was 12 (I'm 22 now and my screen name was Luigim64...ah, the good old days. Just wanted to let you know that you guys are great!

Hairball: I do remember you were one of our biggest contributors, thanks so much for your years and years of support!

Tiger: Thanks for being a loyal reader!

Peachy: I feel the same! I was around 13 years old and now I'm THIRTY. Gross.

ManaSmack wrote:

It's winter break; our hours are all flipped around; my girlfriend just went to bed, but I'm having lunch. With the microwaving finished, the apartment is now dead silent. I open up the lid of my laptop and, for whatever reason, Google "SM128C." I used to visit this place back when it had half the bits...

Anyway, thanks for sticking around. I love this place.

Hairball: And guess what! We're still alive and kickin'. Given we have a .com domain you really didn't need to Google us... really. Just enter sm128c.com in your browser and don't be a lazy ass. I'm not even sure how many "bits" the current consoles have now, lol...

Tiger: :,-)

Peachy: This site is nostalgia at its finest! Miss the days of emailbags and chat rooms.

Jerry Wong wrote:

Hello, I love this website. That is all.

Hairball: Thanks!!!

Tiger: That's not all, we love you too.

Peachy: I love you, Jerry Wong!

IDon'tRecall wrote:

I used to come around here about a decade ago. I decided to look and see what ever happened to that sociopathic cluster of living nerd spam I used to visit. I was shocked to find out that not only was it still up, HB is still alive. I've learned a lot since those days, but now I've learned that this website just can't die. How have you kept going this far? ..Just boggles the mind.

Hairball: You just throw $$$ to pay for the web server and do nothing, it really ain't hard bro.

Tiger: HB isn't alive, we just run his simulation and see what it spits out.

Peachy: Wait...why wouldn't Hairball be alive? I'd be more shocked if he WASN'T alive.

Return of Hobbyo in a Trashcan wrote:

Still have my trashcan! Don't get to use this old laptop anymore though. McDonalds employees are always chasing me out of range of their wifi. But when I do get back, I come on here and notice that the Super Mario Saga is STILL taken down. This makes me a very sad panda. :(

Hairball: I was too lazy to put his stories into our new web system, but it's not like Solar was updating anyways. Perhaps try browsing the wayback machine at web.archive.org and look back at our good ol' days when we were not.... dead.

Tiger: False, pandas are never sad.

Peachy: Why is it down? I'll join the petition to bring it back!

Joshua wrote:

What is Mario128 Central? I was doing research on the "Super Mario 128" game showed off as a tech demo, and came across this. What is Mario128 Central

Hairball: Back in 2001 it seemed like Super Mario 128 would be the next biggest thing, but um nothing ever happened and I couldn't afford another domain name so here we are. Now it seems to be the name of some Samsung SSD, I'm sure that brought us a lot of visitors for a time but I never did jack to build things.

Tiger: Whatever you make of it.

Peachy: What is love

Jonathan wrote:

Hello, i'm not sure if you may or may not remember me but, i just come to say i'm sorry for asking stupid questions in E-mailbag - Q&A from the past couple years ago, i don't remember how long it has been but you shouldn't be mean.

Hairball: You don't have to be sorry for sending us crap just as we don't have to be sorry for answering crap ;)

Tiger: We can be whatever we want. Muwhahaha!

Peachy: Wrong.

Batman wrote:

What are you dense are you retarded? I AM THE GODDAMN BATMAN!

Hairball: So, did you ever hook up with Catwoman?

Tiger: Batman is dead.

Peachy: Yes, because that's exactly something the REAL Batman would say.

Wes wrote:

How do you feel about more and more games going digital-only, with no retail box available?

Hairball: I guess it's alright if it's an indie game or something that is a low price tag. For a major first party release from Nintendo I would much rather have a physical copy - it's better to collect and also can also resell if the game turns out to suck.

Tiger: I don't mind digital games as it gives a chance for more indie developers to thrive. What I do mind though, is the fucked up fremium model or neverending paid expansion packs.

Peachy: I prefer it! Less likely to lose or break it.

Richard wrote:

Thanks for doing another email bag, I have had many good laughs reading the old ones back in the day. I have been coming here for years and I appreciate your humor. Thanks for the memories guys.

Hairball: You're welcome - thanks for emailing us!

Tiger: The memories will always be here.

Peachy: Aww, I'm really loving these messages, truly. I miss this!

Homer Simpson wrote:

Do you have any donuts?

Hairball: No cause I ate them all. :(

Tiger: Only holes.

Peachy: I WISH. I've been hearing about this Duck Donuts place and I really want to go, but they're reeeeally expensive and there's always a line. Poopers.

Sadistic Bystander wrote:

I have no idea why, but I've been checking in on this website every couple of months (by a couple I mean like 7~14) even since like 2005~2007.

I remember getting really mad at the April fools joke with M&L SSS and sending in a complaint somewhere on this website.

I have no idea how I found this, but whatever. Hope you keep up the website.

Hairball: It's funny watching people get fooled year after year, even when we only updated on April fools!

Tiger: We hope to keep holding it up.

Peachy: Wow, that's dedication!

Brunhilda wrote:

Where the hell is SolarGamer? He owes me child support.

Hairball: This is a recurring theme here isn't it...

Tiger: The netherlands.

Peachy: Damn Solar slow your roll.

Claude wrote:

If SolarGamer and Hairball ever got in a boxing match, who would win?

Hairball: I think I'll just wave the white flag, can't possibly take down that ripped dude.

Tiger: Both would collapse for their love for each other and just hug it out. Tie.

Peachy: Solar, fo sho. I've seen what shape that dude's in.

Keith wrote:

I miss the April Fool's jokes! I pop in here every year since around 04 to check, but there hasn't been one since 2015. I remember spending hours actually attempting your "Luigi in Super Mario 64" cheat and being hooked ever since I found out it was a joke. It'd be nice to have those back.

Hairball: Those earlier days of the internet were fun weren't they? It'd be hilarious if they ever do a SM64 remake that has Luigi as an easter egg.

Tiger: We will forever fool, into perpetuity.

Peachy: That was one of the best online April fools gags, hands down.

From the past wrote:

I can't believe you still run this website...

...what did you end up doing after u finished University?

Hairball: Um... I actually didn't finish university - shhhh just don't tell anyone ok?

Tiger: Life.

Peachy: Being a boring adult with a career :(

Spanky Socke wrote:

I just checked out the specials page...

You mean to to tell me Luigi ISN'T in Super Mario 64!!? You're saying the past 18 years of my life I've spent trying to unlock Luigi has been a lie?!! I can't believe this..

Well with this new update, at least I know it will be any day now that Solar finishes the next chapter of the Super Mario Saga.

Hairball: There are just some things are certain in life: death, taxes and SolarGamer never finishing the Super Mario Saga.

Tiger: The saga will never end.

Peachy: You needed a new hobby like 18 years ago, dude.

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