E-Mailbag for November 13, 2007

Luigi128 wrote:

I have seen the light and I admit it, I AM GAY!!

Hairball: Yes Luigi128, I think I realized that years ago when you started to email us.

Peachy: Thanks for sharing Mr Garrison

Puffball: There's nothing wrong with this as long as you're doing it to be true to yourself.

Sue Sloss wrote:

Do you have Mario Teaches Typing available via your site.

Hairball: No, but since you can type already, I fail to see the need for it.

Peachy: I've never even heard of that before.

Puffball: Go to www.edgeemu.com.

Angela wrote:

i am wondering if Nintendo has a new game that has old regular NES games on it like Super Mario Bros. Excite bike, donkey kong, etc. for Game Cube? Thanks.

Hairball: You can use the virtual console on the Wii, or download these games illegally, which we do not officially condone.

Peachy: I don't know about a game, but if you have the Wii you can use Virtual Console on it to purchase old games and play them on the system.

Puffball: Google.

willaim lester wrote:

i have a super mario 3 game for my game boy canyou send me the book to go with the game

Hairball: Just go to www.gamefaqs.com and get help there.

Peachy: Sure thing...what's your address? :)

Puffball: Hold down B to run and press A to jump. There, you don't need the booklet.

Gracie Gonzales wrote:

I am looking for children items on super mario.

Hairball: Buy games will do, right?

Peachy: Look harder.

Puffball: Whoever named their kid Gracie needs to kill themselves.

james wrote:

I have worked so friggen herd to achieve over 600 points in mario & luigi and there is no WARIO!!!! tell the truth, i am at bowser's castle,got over 600 points in the mini-game, now where is wario! e-mail me back with an answer worth believing!

Hairball: ;)

Peachy: herd.

Puffball: Refer back to the strategy guide we provided.

Victoria wrote:

I remember reading this really terrific Super Mario fanfic a few years back, and I thought it was on this site. Bowser was an evil, demented tyrant that tortured his children, but some escaped, I think. And Mario had a kid with Pauline, who appeared out of no where, and Mario has a dark secret from Brooklin. Might've killed someone. And Bowser teams up with Wart, I think, to crush the Mushroom Kingdom. *sigh* I'm probably asking the totally wrong people, but if you have any ideas, please let me know. ^^; Thank you!

Hairball: We don't have fanfics anymore, they were too painful to update.

Peachy: Go bug solar on myspace.

Puffball: The author of this tale is now somewhere in LA pushing dildos into his asshole.

Chaz wrote:

Hey...hairball....remember me? Pokechaz. All the way back from 2000. That was a looong time ago. I think we met on the message board of some gameboy site. Anyways, Im surpised I remembered your name, so I googled it and was sent here. A not too familiar place. Hope to hear back from you duder.

Hairball: Hey Chaz, if you ever see this again, send me an email, I'd like to keep in touch with ya. Unfortunately my forms didn't store the email address field when you sent this, so I can't contact you.


Puffball: Hairball is probably too busy going to a real high school reunion where he reminisces with real people.

Jose Eduardo Corder Lopez wrote:

How Create A E-Mail Sm128C?

Hairball: We used to give out free sm128c.com emails, but that has ceased.

Peachy: Je ne sais pas...demandez Hairball

Puffball: You're almost there.

Bigfoot wrote:

I have crapped better sites then this.

Hairball: I agree.

Peachy: I'd pay to see that.

Puffball: But you've made the first mistake. Making more than one signifies you've failed at others.

Michael Van De Polder wrote:

How Come Mario Can Kill Ghosts By Jumping On There Heads In Super Mario Sunshine, But Couldn't In Super Mario World?

Hairball: Nintendo likes to be creative and makes things different, it's just like how you can punch with Mario in Super Mario 64, but you can't punch in Super Mario Sunshine.

Peachy: I want to kill ghosts by jumping on their heads - how kick ass would that be? Eff the ghostbusters - who ya gonna call? GHOSTBOUNCERS

Puffball: You'll understand by the time you're twelve.

Joe wrote:

Hi. I read your thing on Luigi in Super Mario 64. I think the plaque in the courtyard saysL is real 240! not 24*s. I don't know, but I'm thinking maybe you have to get 120 stars in 2 files to equal 240 stars. Maybe after that, you get Luigi in the third file or something. Also, I found a different website called wdell.com that has a section on Super Mario 64. He doesn't believe in Luigi in the game though.

Hope this is useful

Hairball: Thanks for the input.

Peachy: These questions pissed me off seven years ago, and continue to do so.

Puffball: He doesn't believe Luigi is in it because he isn't a retard.

Angel wrote:

How many games are on this website and what is the oldest super mario game ever?

Hairball: Well, generally the games we cover will have reviews, go to the reviews page to see. The oldest Mario game, I believe is Donkey Kong, where Mario first appeared.

Peachy: snore.

Puffball: About 47.

???????????????????? wrote:

did you know you are all assholes? you can all burn in hellllllll!i will continue to steal gaming tips from your site to mine! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Hairball: Yes.

Peachy: !@#$!#%^%#^@#$%^&*&^UY#$32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puffball: Go for it. Gaming tips are public domain.

Eh stupido wrote:

Is the secret battle with Wario in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga true?

Hairball: Yes.

Peachy: dunno

Puffball: No.

Harrison Ford wrote:

When are you going to post a new emailbag!??! It's been almost 2 years, christ.

Hairball: Looks like right now!

Peachy: As soon as everyone sends their responses in.

Puffball: Yeah, the site is dead.

Mr Rip wrote:

What the heck happend to the story Super mario saga, the big one?

Hairball: SolarGamer was too lazy to keep writing, and kept making me promises that he couldn't keep, and I also became too lazy to update the site too.

Peachy: Solar: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=8662020 - go and pester

Puffball: Solargamer grew up and realized how dumb it was to write anything Mario-related.

Etahn Watson wrote:

do you know when the Revolution is coming out in the UK

Hairball: To Joe, Blair already resigned.

Peachy: Wii: go get it

Puffball: No.

elvis suazo g wrote:

can I get somewhere a free download of any Mario version for my 6 year son?

Hairball: Yes, somewhere... but I just won't tell you.

Peachy: you can go download a ROM of a game to your computer

Puffball: First mistake: calling yourself Elvis makes it very apparent that this is a prank!

jeremy wrote:

do you guys sell books of super mario?

Hairball: Yes.

Peachy: Negative

Puffball: SM128C: Print Edition will be out soon.

Tanner wrote:

Please make a sm128! Mario has lost it! With all these sport games mario isn't the same cool plumber he really is. Super Mario 64 was awsome along with super mario sunshine because they both show the REAL Mario! Tennis, baseball, Golf ect DONT show the real Mario! PLEASE bring back Super Mario 64 with SM128!

Hairball: It's out now!

Peachy: Galaxy - go and get it NOW


Myung Jin wrote:

I saw this "news" that said that luigi was in super mario 64. the title of this "news" was "Luigi found in super mario 64!" Is it true that he(luigi) was? Because other sites says that they're perfectly sure that luigi is NOT in the game...And some sites even said that nintendo, (Shigeru Miyamoto) said they did NOT program Luigi in the game super mario 64!
And i have a second question...One day, i searched for super mario 64 in yahoo(images), and found a image of super mario 64 that was drew in a gamecube box. I was shocked!
I clicked the image, and the news was talking about (Super mario 64: ultimate edition.) The news was written in 2003. I was excited and wanted it, because I only had a gamecube...
But I never could find the super mario 64: ultimate edition!
It said that it was priced $24.95 each and had a great information about the remake version of mario 64.
But the one thing that makes me trust that this game is real is the pictures!

Hairball: Ok.

Peachy: I'm too lazy to read all of that...sorry.

Puffball: It is fake. Get back to your homework.

sukhbir wrote:

do you have a job?

Hairball: Yes, this is my job.

Peachy: Yups, and its part of the reason why I'm hardly ever around anymore...that and college. It's a bitch.

Puffball: I work for sm128c.

Sonic_flames wrote:

Dear sm128 those pictures are fake because how did you get to the backyard with 2 stars only i have seen an expert use a gicth to beat the game with 16 star if u don't believe me then type google video in seach then type super mario 64 time attack and also those graffics of luigi is super smash bros graffics any1 could just get those pictures of the internet and got another pic of super smash bros luigi and cut them and paste in paint

Hairball: I love the fact people still ask about our April Fools joke 7 years ago, can't you guys get over it?

Peachy: sigh.

Puffball: You're thinking too hard.

Animefanrk2k wrote:

Wow, years later and you still have the E-mailbag. I must admit, I still think it's funny that there are this many stupid idiots out there and that you still poke fun at them. Keep up the good work.

Hairball: Thanks, and we'll keep doing it whenever it's possible.

Peachy: Thankies

Puffball: Its a waste of time, Animefanrk2k.

scott leader wrote:

do you think you could put some statistics on your website to tell me how the DS is doing compared to the PSP on a global scale as no-one else seems to have a clue

Hairball: Search news releases to get sales figures.

Peachy: Nah

Puffball: Go to 1UP.com.

Mike Kane wrote:

Hi, Kind of a strange question, but I was wondering if you knew where I might be able to find the soundtrack to Wario World. As you know, it was never made into an official release, and I was wondering if you knew of any rips of it out there. If not, do you know of anybody who might? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

Hairball: I'm not sure if there's a soundtrack for that game.

Peachy: ...why in the world would you want the soundtrack to wario world?

Puffball: Send me your email at jaszhix@gmail.com. I'll hook you up.

The former son of bonbon wrote:

In the 1970s, michael jackson made off the wall album, which sucked ass. Michael Jackson needed to find waldo, for only he could tell him why off the wall sucked so much ass. So, michael jackson used the power of 1979 edition of frosted flakes to create a portal to hell. In doing so he brought back the wooly mammoth which s**t out penzoil and threatened the world with the penzoil that the mammoth s**t out. So, Jeffrey Watkins, the son of bonbon, generated lulu power from the penzoil that the mammoth s**t out and summoned the first almighty chicken bonbon to kill all of the mammoths and filled the grand canyon with the penzoil that the mammoth s**t out.

Hairball: Thanks for the useless information.

Peachy: HEE HEE

Puffball: When I was ten, I know I wasn't this lame.

anton wrote:

I want mp3 player. What will advise?

Hairball: Go to the local electronics store, and buy something other than an iPod, please.

Peachy: ipod, even though it blows sometimes

Puffball: Zune.

Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo wrote:

Howdy ho!! I was fust stopping by to ask you why the f**k you haven't updated in such a long while. I mean, its just sad to never see the pathetic rantings of nerds who can't get laid and are trying to get a cheap laugh.

Hairball: We've updated more recently... but yes I agree we could do more.

Peachy: Go bother kyle.

Puffball: You think that's sad? Writing to this obviously dead site and expecting content floors common sense.

Jay wrote:

Yo dude, hook me up with a DS! Send an email to BigN and ask them!! pleaseeeeeee

Hairball: I sold my old DS awhile ago, too bad you didn't know about it.

Peachy: I want one toooooo

Puffball: At SM128C, we have all the connections. Hold on, Jay. :)

dino Rhino wrote:

What is super mario 128? and what the hell is a Nintendo TS?!?!

Hairball: A Nintendo TS is the next generation Nintendo portable system.

Peachy: Wii, Three Screen

Puffball: An April Fools joke.

Insane Nerdy Loser wrote:

Okay.. why in gods name does princess peach have the ability to kill people with her tears and s**t? I mean, is she going to be able to decapitate people with her mighty periods of doom? I mean, what the hell is up with this?! I understand that Nintendo wanted to switch the "mario has to save the princess again" to "princess has to save mario" but why not just have peach with the same powers they have her on Super Smash Bros.?

Hairball: I'm assuming you are talking about Super Princess Peach, I can't believe that anyone would actually buy it. Except for Peachy of course, as she named herself after that character.

Peachy: Possibly my favorite emailbag entry to date...mighty periods of doom - awesome.

Puffball: I wish everybody that wrote to SM128C was as honest as you, nerdy loser.

Joanne wrote:

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I think that the site is great, no matter how much "hate mail" you get. Keep up the good work, you guys rock! =)

Hairball: Thanks, I appreciate the support from all of our fans!

Peachy: All I did was get out of the shower (P&S reference) :)

Puffball: It is not "hate mail". It is hate mail.

sweety wrote:

plese let me play mario game

Hairball: Sure, go ahead.

Peachy: go ask mommy

Puffball: Go for it.

bobbi wrote:

ahh! where's the message board?! I was writing a story =(. what happened?

Hairball: It's there!

Peachy: dunno

Puffball: Check now.

juliya17 wrote:

HI ALL! Your site has very much impressed me. I wish to share with you beautiful things.

Hairball: Are you sharing with me your beautiful assets? Hopefully you're hot, otherwise I'm not interested.

Peachy: In conclusion, I nominate MarioMan for anger management.

Puffball: Yeah, Hairball's site pretty much fucking rocks.

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