E-Mailbag for July 30, 2004

Paul wrote:

I just wanna ask you why don't you put AUTRALIAN Release Dates in your Release Dates section i live in Australia and have no idea when these games are comming out here. If you find time please e-mail me back telling me why.

I would like to know when the games i want will be out in Australia

BeckerManEX: It's usually hard to pin down Australian release dates because they are hard to come by from the publishers. Sometimes a game will actually be released first Down Under, if the developer and/or publisher are located there, but for the most part, Australian is an auxiliary market for gaming and not a primary focus for many publishers.

Hairball: We currently lack an Australian representative at SM128C, so it's difficult for us to have Australian coverage. Sorry.

Peachy: Hmm, maybe look if one site doesn't have the answers you're looking for, maybe (just maybe) you should look on ANOTHER SITE. Just a thought.

DK: True.

TW: We don't have any Australian Staff Members, or the will to find out Aussie dates. Sorry.

Concerded visitor wrote:

Frist you don't have to curse every second. I mean what if a 7 or 8 year old comes here and see's all the cursing and ask there mom what it means and they get upset and destoy your site or go to 1 millon moms.com and they destroy your site. so as you see you should realy stop cursing or else... please.

BeckerManEX: In all honesty, if kids haven't heard some of the language being used on this site by the time they are seven or eight, they must be in a private school somewhere. Besides, if parents allow their kids to find a site like this, even though it is devoted to Mario, it is just as easy to type "sex" into Google and be provided with much more damaging images.

Hairball: Concerded? What the hell does that mean? And speaking of cursing, the way you are talking about mothers is not something that a 7 or 8 year old should be seeing anyways.

Peachy: Frist, we can do whatever we want (well, whatever Hairball wants), as its OUR site. Have a 7 year old that's coming onto random sites? SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN. Take me for example. I came on this site when I was young(er) and unsupervised and look at me now :P

DK: Shut the FUCK up. Blame SolarGamer.

TW: You are now officially cursed.

Weirdo wrote:

HB were you hacked up by an animal?

BeckerManEX: Hopefully not.

Hairball: Hacked up in what way? Hacked electronically or with a stack? But then again, I'm not a computer program, so perhaps I was physically hacked.

Peachy: ...

DK: HB is a animal.

TW: Not my arena.

Mubstar wrote:

Did you guys know that no other word rhymes with the word "month" in the english dictionary? I'd also like to point out (pun) that about 100 people die each year from choking on ball point pens. Keep up the good work, 6 long years, hope you get to 10.

BeckerManEX: Those are some crazy stats, thanks for the heads up, I have promptly switched to mechanical pencils.

Hairball: Thanks for the news Mubstar, find someone that really cares.

Peachy: Wow, random shit that nobody really cares about. Thanks a bunch.

DK: True.

TW: Really, i did not know that. Anyway, thanks for the support.. In the last year the site has been dead except for reporting news and stealing screens from Nintendo. Perhaps i'll write something soon.

Mario McCloud wrote:

I was just wondering, what is your take on Mario Kart: Double Dash? I think it has no glaring flaws, except the fact that you can win 3 out of 4 races and still lose the cup is very annoying. The point system doesn't do too well in Mario Kart. It's much more suited to simulating racers like Gran Turismo 3: A-spec.

BeckerManEX: The point system for many racing games (a tier system: 9 pts for first, 7 for second, etc.) is very common because it gives the gamer hope. Even if you lose one race, you can still have hopes of being first in the standings if you do well through the other 3, 4, or 5 races (depending on the game). Still, coming up one point short of first place, after an hours worth of play, isn't a fun experience.

Hairball: My review of Mario Kart: Double Dash was just posted this week! Just go into the reviews section and you can see what I think about that game. Yeah I agree that too many points are given, it makes no sense that you get a point for coming in 7th, I mean hell, you don't deserve it.

Peachy: Sadly, I still haven't aquired a Gamecube as of yet. PLEASE DONATE!

DK: Try and win all the races. That would help, wouldn't it?

TW: It's a competent game, and has the best Single Player of any Mario Kart. I kind of like not having to finish 4th or over, it adds more challenge to the game. I once won a cup by One point. Bliss.

Dan wrote:

Where can I find Mario RPG legend of the 7 stars for GBA?

BeckerManEX: Mario RPG hasn't been released for the GBA (yet), but you can play the excellent Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, which is available for the GBA.

Hairball: As far as I know that game doesn't look like it will be coming out again any time soon.

Peachy: God knows.

DK: Kazaa.

TW: It's getting late in the Day.. Maybe on the DS now. Back in April 2002 it seemed more possible.

Fuzzy wrote:

This site will die. Just like MDFG, sm128c will lose even more popularity, until no one comes back. Because Mario is dead. Espio has killed him. Farewell, my fellow idiots.

BeckerManEX: Goodbye.

Hairball: For some reason, I have a feeling that "Fuzzy" isn't fuzzy at all. He's probably some monster with hair all over him, and he probably has no friends. Actually, he probably thinks he has friends, but everyone hates him. So that must be why he is cursing SM128C, it gives him something to be proud of. But no, you bitch, SM128C is not dead.

Peachy: Noted.

DK: Sm128c is dead. Done.

TW: Ah well, at least we'll be better than Super Mario Bros. HQ, but I think we still pale in comparison to TMK. Maybe.

Willis from Diff'rent Strokes wrote:

McDonalds! I'm lovin' it! Pick any item on our dollar menu and it only costs 99 cents. Why is it the dollar menu if it's 99 cents? Shouldn't it be the 99 cent menu? Wow. I am mad about that. Like when you get mad at someone so you fight them and kick them in the ear and give them scars and stuff. But it's harder to give a scar to a giraffe 'cause giraffes got boots on. I wore boots one time. they stuk too my feet so i tryd to got tem of but thay woudnt soi nevr gotem of not evn tuday but there of now. I don't make speling or gramatical erors. They're for losers, like those people that work at Ihop. I asked for ranch dressing for my toast but they didn't have none. That made me happy. Or was it sad? Or mad? Or giraffes? I like giraffes. They got long noses like antelopes. Or was it anteater? I don't like ants so like anteaters. Or was it the other way around. I get forgetful in my young days. Or old days. In fact I forgot how to use punctuation so Ill stop using it for while so this one time I did something but I forgot what it was so I wont talk about no more but I just remembered how to use punctuation so I'll use it again. Okay, that's better. Or is it worse? Sometimes punctuation just wastes time. So do long words. I think I'll limit words to five letters by using abbreviations. This one time, I went to Pizza Hut and order a mediu mushr, peppe, chees, ancho, onion, banan, and orang pizza but they said they didn' have some of those toppi so I said why not and I sang the Barne and Frien theme song in prote. I think I'll stop abbre words from now on. Okay. Now I have stopped using abbreviation. Wow look at the time. It's time for a siesta. Goodbye.

BeckerManEX: They call it a dollar menu for two reasons 1) It is a lot easier to market around the country calling it a dollar menu instead of a 99 cent menu and 2) becuase in some states there is a tax on food, so your $0.99 drink actually ends up costing you $1.08 (at least here in Arizona), so to keep things the same all over, they just call it a dollar menu. Also, lay off the crack.

Hairball: Yes, I love McDeals too. But unfortunately going to McD's too frequently will likely reduce your life expectency.

Peachy: What'chu talkin' bout, Willis?

DK: I read the first 5 words, then I got bored of reading.

TW: I really can't be bothered to read all that but, less than an hour ago I did have a McDonalds' Milkshake.

Goober wrote:

If you had $10 would it be mine or yours? If I had $50 would it be mine or yours? If you had $75 would it be mine or yours? If I had $100 would it be mine or yours? If there was a cock in your mouth would it be mine or yours?

BeckerManEX: If I had $10, which I do, it would be mine. Ditto to $50 and $100. Not so much on your last topic, maybe some therapy would help you out with your repressed homoerotic outbursts?

Hairball: Goober, you are one poor ass, so of course the money is all mine. As for the cock, hmmm... unless you have certain ribs removed like Marilyn Manson, then likely it wouldn't be your own.

Peachy: mine, mine, mine, mine, no ones, because you don't have a penis :)

DK: My cock.

TW: ...

Hobo in a Trashcan wrote:

Dear Sm128c Responders,

I am a hobo in a trashcan. I am typing this from the laptop and the internet cable i stole. I wanted to let you know. I am a hobo in a trashcan. i also live in my Jacket at times. well.. im gonna go now.. (: another pointless message... and lots more time wasted.)

Your friend, Hobo in a Trashcan.

BeckerManEX: Stupid hobo, the internet doesn't come in cables...

Hairball: I never knew that a hobo in a trash can can have internet access.

Peachy: I love you, hobo!

DK: Hobo in a Trashcan :D.

TW: See above.

BHS wrote:

The update regarding Dongkey Kong 64 Review posted Monday, January 19, 2004 by TW:
"I found an old review of Donkey Kong 64 lying around my computer I wrote......."

Notice the forceful addition of "I wrote"?

and later wrote: ".....after making some alterations."

Sounds like somebody's been doing some hunting and taking ownership of other's work.

BeckerManEX: I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time that happened online, I see it every day, and almost sued one guy for doing it flagrantly.

Hairball: If TW wrote the review, and he made changes to it, what's the big deal? It's his intellectual property, so he can do as he wishes.

Peachy: Haha! I remember you too! It's the return of sm128c members!

DK: Big Horn Sheeeeeeep.

TW: The review originated on SM64C, back when we did do DK reviews. Hairball then removed them and when I ran my Rare Zone site, it resided there for 2 years. I found it again, spruced it up and sold it as new content. A little of Nintendo in all of us isn't there?

Robot Man wrote:

Do I have a big dick or what?

BeckerManEX: I'm going to go with "or what."

Hairball: Yes, and it must be quite electric too.

Peachy: No

DK: True.

TW: If You Say So.

Dave wrote:

Do you got some cocaine? If not, can I have a Red Balls? I want crack!

BeckerManEX: Talk to Tyrone, I'm sure he has some.

Hairball: I own a few cocaine farms down in Mexico, if you pay me enough dough I can hook you up. I love Mexico, you can do whatever you want as long as you pay off those stupid cops.

Peachy: If I had cocaine, trust me, I would not be sharing it with you.

DK: True.

TW: Red Balls? or Red Bull?

MarioWriter wrote:

I'm hoping this form somehow makes it's way to Hairball or a Moderator. I have been a loyal (and contributing) member to SM128C for about 1 1/2 years. I used to go under the name Mario_Wowser and I contributed FanFic and other things. I believe one-armedscissor knows me, we talked on one of his posts. I was wondering if I may become a moderator myself, I have nothing else to do and I can monitor the forum assigned to me. I wouldn't use my power for any personel vendetta or anything. If I did do something, I would have a detailed explanation explaining my actions. Please, e-mail me with your response! Thank you for your time.

BeckerManEX: At least you can properly form a sentence with real words. If I was in charge I would give you the job, but, alas, I'm not.

Hairball: one-armedscissor is a guy? Wow, I always thought it was a girl. Man I'm screwed up.

Peachy: Ok first off, if you want to be a staffer, APPLY ON THE STAFF PAGE. Secondly, there would really be no point in being a staffer, since the site is basically dead.

DK: Hmmmm... fine, I'll hook you up.

TW: I stopped reading the forums.. sometime in 2003, I don't know what you are on about

my Cat learned to use the Computer and wrote:

Meow! Why do you have a Donkey Kong 64 review this is Super Mario 128 Central not Donkey Kong 128 Central?

BeckerManEX: Mario spawned from the Donkey Kong series so it is feasible to have a DK64 review in tandem with a Super Mario website.

Hairball: I think TW made an explanation about this with the review posting. He argued that DK is a Mario character, since Mario's first game was in Donkey Kong, so in a way they are linked. So therefore, it can be acceptable to post his content. But DK64 sucks ass anyways. Ass, monkey, hmmm... that says it all.

Peachy: Lets go back to the original DK. Who was in it? Hmm. I dunno. Take a guess.

DK: Donkey Kong... Mario was in Donkey Kong.... HELLO. They are totaly almost brothers beside the hair... TOTALLY.

TW: So we can have more content and scope, adding DK games as well as Mario games, unlike when before we ignored the Alpha Ape.

Elmer Fudd wrote:

I bought a video game cawwed "Wawio Wowld". I know that the finaw boss is the eviw bwack gem. Huhuhuhuh. But what I don't know is "how many wegs does it have?". I know it has onwy one eye. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh.

BeckerManEX: Your poor attempt at humor doesn't not amuse me.

Hairball: And I tought I taw a putty tat.

Peachy: That has to be the worst Elmer Fudd impression ever.

DK: Ok, it has wots of wegs.

TW: Blah, Blah Blah

Lonely Girl wrote:


BeckerManEX: Try one of those AOL chatrooms, that's all stupid people want to do in there.

Hairball: Sure, do you have any hot, seductive pictures of yourself?

Peachy: OMGZ LYKE N0 w4y!

DK: your not online.

TW: Go and give me a GMail Invite.

Missingno wrote:

I am a blury creature. I SHALL MUTATE YOUR HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!!!!
P.S I'm gonna shave your cat and if you dont have one, I'll shave your Mom.
P.P.S I will grate off your genetals.
P.P.P.S I like to eat SHIT!!!

BeckerManEX: You need some serious therapy, like our poor little friend above.

Hairball: Is Missingno a Pokemon? I've seem to have heard of it.

Peachy: What if someone doesn't have a cat or a mom?

DK: What if I don't have a cat or a mom? Hmmmmm?

TW: The Hall of fame died sometime around Christmas 2002.

Daniella wrote:

Why does Bowser hate Mario??

BeckerManEX: He stole his copy of Aqua Teen Hunger Force vol. 2.

Hairball: Sometimes rivalries get so intense that they don't even know why they hate each other anymore. It's just assumed that they would.

Peachy: 'Cuz Mario's a cockblock. Bowser wants Peach, isn't it obvious by now?

DK: Well it all happend when Mario was caught cheating with Mrs. Koopa.

TW: Because he and Peach did it.

JTC wrote:

It is pretty obvious that both the "Luigi in SMS" and "MK64 courses in MKDD" are fake. Another pathetic attempt at an April Fool's joke.

BeckerManEX: Look they aren't meant to be award winning comedy, they are just little jokes, get over yourself.

Hairball: JTC, the only thing that is fake is your intelligence. It's April Fools joke, so it's probably not a surprise that it looks fake. It's kind of funny how people always diss up our jokes, but I know that deep inside, they really love it.

Peachy: Yes, but as always, many idiots still believe it. Look 5 comments below at DVX.

DK: True.

TW: See you next year!

Sario wrote:

Hey nice April fools this year i love it ^_^ anyway for all you you got fooled APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Thanks, talk to the guy above and smack him upside the head for us.

Hairball: With the quality of our jokes this year, I don't think anyone would've got fooled.

Peachy: Look below.

DK: True.

TW: After 2003, I was surprised we even did it this year.

Vishal wrote:

what are you trying to pull???? You and I both know that luigi in sms and the mk64 courses in mkdd are all an april fool's joke, fooooooool you thought you outsmarted ME?!?!?!?

BeckerManEX: See above...

Hairball: Rats. I knew I should've posted this on April 2 instead.

Peachy: Idiot.

DK: True.

TW: April to July is a long time to wait to comment on this.

GIJoe wrote:

Oh come on! You did this trick already for 64! Oh well, still amusing!

BeckerManEX: See above...

Hairball: Hey, if it works, why not do it again? Nintendo sure likes to do that, it's symbollic of them. Just look at how many Mario Party games there are, and you will see what I mean.

Peachy: WE KNOW.

DK: Yes. Read the post a little ways down.

TW: Quite the observent one, aren't we?

Mew Mew wrote:

You guys are so retarded.. if you are going to make April Fools jokes at least don't make it so obvious with APRIL 1 at the top!!! SHEESH!! And people who have been coming here for a while probably are catching on to your stupid tricks.. THINK HARDER!

BeckerManEX: See above...

Hairball: Mew Mew, you freaking idiot. If it's not posted on April 1, then why the hell would it be an April Fools Joke? The whole idea of that day is to see stupid BS on almost every website. And SM128C is not an exception to that.

Peachy: WE KNOW.

DK: Shutup pokemon.

TW: If we removed the date, wouldn't it make it MORE Obvious? Asshat.

DVX wrote:

Can you really get those Mario Kart 64 courses on mario kart double dash!!; Or is this just an April fools joke

BeckerManEX: See above... (wow this email bag is easy, no?)

Hairball: Yes you can, just keep trying and you'll unlock all those courses.

Peachy: NO WAY, we wouldn't do an April Fools joke on APRIL FOOLS!

DK: No! We don't like you.

TW: See May 11, 2003; June 29, 2002; April 7, 2001 and April 8, 2000 Mailbags.

Kyle wrote:

If this site is about Mario. Where's Toad? You need Toad! Write back telling me if you will add Toad to this site thank you.

BeckerManEX: Well it's a Mario site, so the secondary characters may, or may not, be included.

Hairball: Oh we sure have exceptional coverage of Peach's little Toad servants. Just dig through our screenshot galleries, I'm sure you'll find a pic of him somewhere...

Peachy: I ate him

DK: True.

TW: Hanging out with Magneto.

Yasar wrote:

Is your mailbag meant to be funny? It's not funny. The nintendorks.com drc's are great. Are any of you Nintendorks.com fans?

BeckerManEX: I've been visiting Nintendorks since long before they were even called Nintendorks.

Hairball: Yassar, I hope you stop fighting with Israel, if that happens, THAT would be funny.

Peachy: Never even heard of them.

DK: Thats because they are dorks...

TW: I don't find it funny.

Gamester wrote:

I tried to unlock the classic courses in MK:DD by following the articles instructions, and it didn't work. Does it depend on the version of the disc? (NA, Europe, Japan)

BeckerManEX: More like it depends on mental capacity.

Hairball: Of course not, our code is universal.

Peachy: ............dear god.

DK: Yes it depends.

TW: It works only on the Iraqi version.

Master F wrote:

If you get stupid mail with a lot of cursing than just don't publish it instead of giving stupid answers. It's not the visitor's fault that the e-mail back sucks, it's your fault, because you publish everything!

BeckerManEX: We like to hear from our readers, no matter how retarded they act, but I do agree with you, half the stuff we publish is just fodder for a flame war or the ability to make a sexual joke of some kind.

Hairball: It's like a circle. We get email, we post some stupid crap, people like our funny answers, more people send crap in, and all in all you end up with crap. Also, most of the staff is currently incapable of answering most video game questions, so we are just left with this.

Peachy: But yet people still find it greatly amusing.

DK: Actually

You Suck.

TW: Believe me, this is the best way.

Meta-Slave wrote:

Heh, great joke.

This e-mailing will probably be filled with a lot of a-wipes saying "OMFG, that wasn't convincing, you fuckers!" But I enjoyed it. I actualy laughed out loud.

Anyways, if history repeats itself, for the next six years people willl be asking "uh.. is lugi rely in sms!? i checked ad he wasnt their!!!!!!!!" ...

BeckerManEX: I don't know about "lugi" but I know Luigi isn't.

Hairball: It has been proven time and time again, that history does indeed repeat itself. Every month we still receive a few emails on Luigi in Super Mario 64. It just never ends I guess.

Peachy: Of course they will, because humans are idiots by nature.

DK: True.

TW: Pity it wasn't posted earlier in the year.

Matto wrote:

Yo, your website kicks ass, but it's a bit slow on the updates. Oh yes, your April Fool's jokes would've fooled a huge Nintendo dumbass, trust me, I heard someone saw your jokes and he thought they were true. Could you call him a dumbass like you do all the people that e-mail like... let's say: OMG YOU GUYZ SUX0Rs!!

Tiger will you marry me? You are the only normal person on this damn website I like.

BeckerManEX: Being that I only do the bag, the lack of updates aren't my fault.

Hairball: I love you too. But I wish someone cared about me, I wish I had friends.

Peachy: ...

DK: I'm normal. Marry Me!

TW: I don't think Tiger even cares anymore. Too busy doing... stuff.

Lakilelet (the forgotten infamous) wrote:

Hey, old-time former SM-in-the-days-it-was-64-C. I could give a lengthy boring crap about that, but instead, I'm turning over a new leaf and actually being purposeful for once.

I believe that the Mario tradition, as well as the entire video game industry, is in total peril. Here I'll just mention the mario issues (since that is what this site is for). First of all, rehashing the NES classics for GBA is awefully ambiguous. Yeah, it's nice to introduce the oldies back, but at the same time, what's wrong with making a new game? I'm waiting for Nintendo to bring out a FRESH 2-D Action/Adventure Side-scrolling Mario game, but I guess I will be disappointed. This plagues the other systems as well. I mean, with the exception of the water pack, there aren't too many innovations in the newer games either. Perhaps I'm over-criticizing this, but it seems that the entire industry just doesn't have any new stuff to offer. Games are becoming either too restricted, or too free, and there isn't the same feel for anything anymore. Or perhaps is it with age we have gotten bored with games? What do you think?

BeckerManEX: Re-releasing the NES classics for the GBA is a good idea for gamers who want to relive the old days of gaming, but releasing them as seperate games (and not a collection) and charging gamers $20 bucks a pop (although you can get most for around $12 here in AZ) is going too far. Nintendo is working on a new Mario 2D game for the DS, to be released later this year. With Super Mario Sunshine being simliar to Super Mario 64, the former game takes the "if it isnt' broke" approach to game design. With the awards and general critical acclaim that SM64 gathered, why would Nintendo want to mess up a good thing? At the end of the game SMS was a great game, albeit very similar to it's N64 predecessor.

The problem with the industry as a whole is when a publisher releases something different it never sells. A gamer going into Best Buy and choosing between Super Mario Sunshine and Viewtiful Joe will almost always pick up SMS, not because it is a better game, but because it is a name they know and trust. Just look at the Dreamcast as one example. Sega released a system and handfuls of AAA games that were totally innovative and a head of their time (first online football game, the epic Shenmue, quality RPGs, great racing games, etc.), but, in the end, only the diehard gamers were interested in the system when it went up against the hugely-mass-marketed PlayStation2.

Hairball: There is some sort of 2D Mario game coming out on the Nintendo DS, so that might satisfy your urge when it does come along. The potential for better games is there, but it seems like most of the market likes to support these constant first-person shooter remaks, and yearly sports releases, that it doesn't give the game companies to produce games that would be actually interesting to play. Super Mario Sunshine was somewhat disappointing, I mean it's fun, but in a way it's like a bastardized version of Super Mario 64.

Peachy: Yeah I definetly didn't even bother reading that.

DK: True.

TW: The NES Classics are really a Japanese thing that doesn't work in the West, for collector's Only. Although saying that anyway, Films have been released on multiple formats - Betamax, VHS, Laserdisc, VCD, SVCD, DVD? Why can't games? To your next point, we are getting a new Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS now, so thats a good thing.

Jason wrote:

I would like to say that your April fools joke of saying that N64 courses on MarioKart Double Dash was completely dicked. My friends and I spent four days trying to conquer this goal, then realized afterward that it is all bullshit and looked at the posting date for the article... April 1st. Son of a Bitch, we don't even like the game anymore. Thanks.

BeckerManEX: See above, again...


Peachy: No problem! It's so much fun to spread cheer throughout the world.

DK: LOL, HB told me about this 2 days before he released it. I didn't believe people still played the N64 anymore...

TW: I can hear the violins.

DSgamer wrote:

1.how much will the DS be when it comes out? im saving my money up for it right now.
2.should i get super mario 4X4 if i already own super mario 64?

BeckerManEX: Most online sites are estimating between $149-$179 with the latter being the going price most people are expecting to pay for the system. Super Mario 64x4 will be very different than the N64 version with a lot more emphasis placed on multiplayer gameplay.

Hairball: 1. No idea, 2. How the hell should I know, does it look like I am you?

Peachy: Who the hell cares?

DK: 1. No idea, save away.
2. Yes

TW: $200, probably. Yes, buy it.

....... wrote:

Sometimes you drink the milk, sometimes the milk drinks you.

BeckerManEX: Excellent to know, thanks.

Hairball: Hmmm... I don't know what to say, but that is quite a good statement.

Peachy: I don't drink the milk. I'm lactose intolerant.

DK: Sometimes I jack off my dick, sometimes my dick jacks off me.

TW: Unless you are a woman, who is lactating.

Kooper wrote:

Hey, guys. And/or/also girls. Uh, on the staff team, I mean. Well, ethier way, I was just wondering, as I am an experienced Mario website writer/pre/reviewer, and am good with websites, so I was wondering , how in the world can I get a job on this site? Lol. This site rules, though serieously. So, yah, lets, ah , finish this up. Tell me how. Or ill kill you. Nah, im just screwing with you, you rule.But seriously I love M,ario and want job on this site. NOW. Thanks. --- Kooper

BeckerManEX: Talk to Hair.

Hairball: Go to the staff page and send in some sample content, and I will take a look. Or maybe send me a PM on the forums, since our forms like to go whack. I rarely check SM128C's email, so PMing me might be the better choice.

Peachy: I really don't feel like answering another one of these.

DK: Read the damn rules. Submit the application on the staff page.

TW: Harry Li will process your needs.

reggamer52193 wrote:

Have you guys ever found the mysterious door in the stones at the bottom of the bottle in Noki Bay's episode 3 in Super Mario Sunshine? If you look behind it, you can see a book. If you've found it, do you know how to get in? That's a big question that alot of my friends want to know an answer to.

BeckerManEX: I haven't found any such door.

Hairball: Ummm... I have no idea what you are talking about, perhaps you should check GameFAQs, since the people who write stuff there are complete video game freaks and feel it's necessary to find every single little detail about every single video game in existence. In other words, they have more time than I do.

Peachy: Don't care.

DK: Nope sorry, didn't play that game.

TW: Haven't played it in a year, or more.

Barney wrote:

Hi kids, as you all know, I have a severe crack problem. I can't stop smoking the stuff! I love crack. It loves me. I don't smoke it herbally.

BeckerManEX: Hopefully not since crack is not an herb.

Hairball: See kids, that is exactly why you shouldn't watch this giant purple dinosaur, this guy is a bad influence on you!

Peachy: Haha Barney's a crackpot.

DK: True.

TW: ...

Impact009 wrote:

Doesn't look like there's anything new this year... Any plans coming up?

BeckerManEX: You're looking at it!

Hairball: Not at all.

Peachy: No

DK: True.

TW: That redesign I planned in 2002/3 maybe?

dog1990 wrote:

Hey, you guys haven't had a update in so long!! SM128C is dead! *Has funeral for SM128C*

BeckerManEX: We overstayed our welcome, and now you see what happens.


Peachy: What d'ya call this, then?

DK: NO! I'm the Mortician, I do the damn funeral *cracks open Dog1990's head"

TW: Here's one for you.

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