E-Mailbag for January 24, 2004

Sarkli wrote:

(gets in A Republic Gunship) DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: No.

Hairball: Live and let die.

TW: (Harrison Ford 'Han Solo' Voice) You chose the WRONG SIDE, Sarkli!

Blitzkrieg: You first.


Plum: *Dives under chair*

Phantaz wrote:

Great job on the website. I especially like your news about Nintendo at the top of the Homepage.

Like many, I think that Super Mario RPG: Legend of Seven Stars was one of the best SNES games ever! Paper Mario, and that new Gameboy Advance Game are both good to. My question though is when will Squaresoft make another Mario RPG? I know that they are now part of Nintendo. It would be awesome if they made another Mario RPG!

BeckerManEX: Squaresoft is actually not part of Nintendo, they merged with fellow Japanese game company Enix to create SquareEnix last year. While this came as somewhat of a surprise, it wasn't too much considering the amount of money Square lost creating the movie, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. To bring Square games back to Nintendo systems, The Big N offered to publish the games (hence the Nintendo logo on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and the upcoming Crystal Chronicles). There may never be another "Mario RPG" per se, but Superstar Saga and Paper Mario will just have to due in the mean time.

Hairball: The news is one of the important parts of SM128C, we try to post the latest Nintendo press releases, as well as breaking stories in the news section for all our visitors to see. I believe a large percentage of Square is owned by Sony, so it is doubtful that they will make a Mario RPG game, but however they seem to be releasing some FF games on the GBA.

TW: Pity SMRPG was never released in Europe. I also haven't played Paper Mario or the new Mario & Luigi.. man I am starved of Mario RPG'ing!

Blitzkrieg: As shown with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, other developers are more than capable of making a solid, robust RPG with many intricacies that converge for an epiphany of an experience.

Homer: Another Mario RPG sounds like a good idea. But then I'm sure more people would prefer a less "kid" like game.

Plum: Hmm very iffy. Yes it would be awesome if they made Super Mario RPG for the GBA and why not they've already made Super Mario 2, 3 and Yoshi's island for the GBA. Only time will tell I guess.

Koopa wrote:

Hi there everybody! I just wanted to say that I love your site. I love the world of Mario and ths place is the only site which combines a great layout with absolutely awesome content. This truely is the best Mario site, EVER.

BeckerManEX: Thanks for your compliment, we really do try hard, even though some members of the staff may give off the felling that they are lazy.

Hairball: Excellent, another SM128C lover, we just can't get enough of that can't we?

TW: Glad we have some compliments for a change, I was starting to lose hope.

Blitzkrieg: You better believe it.

Homer: hahaha, best site. thats funny =P

Plum: This is a pretty good Mario site but The Mushroom Kingdom in my opinion is the best Mario site ever.

Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo wrote:

Howdy ho!! I just wanted to tell you that Peachy is a dumbassed bitch. Well, shucks, if you're going to say something that's fucking stupid, at least have it be related to the question or comment! And if you don't read it, well I guess you can suck my tiny little balls.

BeckerManEX: What an interesting email you have presented to all of us, bravo on the grammar.

Hairball: Yeah, Peachy is a dumb little bitch, but we adore her works on the site, so that's why we keep her around, and people like you seem to like her perky comments, must get you off or something.

TW: Tiny Little Balls?(Nelson Voice)HA HA!

Blitzkrieg: Next.

Homer: Peachy gives me boners =(

Plum: I've never talked to Peachy so I wouldn't know. *Starts humming the tune to Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo*

golden_sun wrote:

So, how long do you plan on keeping this site up HB?

BeckerManEX: Considering HB does little to no work on the site it could remain up until the end of time as long as the bills get paid.

Hairball: Until the end of time... actually that sounds like a corny pick up line.

TW: Until Miyamoto dies.

Blitzkrieg: Until it no longer becomes profitable.

Homer: Word up ahhh

Plum: He's planning on turning it into a porn site sometime in the near future.

Stone cap wrote:

is there any way to read the old saga?

BeckerManEX: That would be an HB question.

Hairball: Yes, if you bribe TW, there are various ways you can access it.

TW: Send me $1000.

Blitzkrieg: No comment.

Homer: Click click click

Plum: I think I saw an old link somewhere. Hairball could probably give you a link.

Zach wrote:

what happens when you get all the stars for the characters on story mode on mario party 5?

BeckerManEX: Having never played any of the Mario Party games, sans 2, I really couldn't help you, sorry.

Hairball: Probably get more bonuses, new minigames, and stuff like that? But I believe the story mode is kind of pointless unless you don't have friends to play Mario Party with.

TW: I haven't played Mario Party 5 yet.

Blitzkrieg: Check out www.gamefaqs.com for the best guides available anywhere.

Homer: You wait for Mario Party 6 and get the stars from there XD

Plum: I don't know.

Hunter wrote:

If Bowser's not married, How or Where does he get his kids?

BeckerManEX: One explaination is that Bowser is a reptile, and lizards don't usually marry. Another could be that he is the grand daddy P.I.M.P. and has more kids than an NBA player.

Hairball: Perhaps Bowser is asexual.

TW: Maybe he is Married, but we just never see his wife. Otherwise IVF.

Blitzkrieg: Artifical insemination.

Homer: Bowser has a lot of money, which means he can get around.

Plum: You don't have to be married to have kids.

Luigi1 wrote:

I cant wait for mario 128 hopefully it will be a really good sequel like it could carry off where mario 64 left off like bowser swoops down in the clowncopter while mario and peach are eating cake and steals peach and this will hopefully have luigi in it

BeckerManEX: Here's hoping they try to do something different than the "save the princess" gag, but that can't be all bad considering they didn't do it in the underrated Super Mario Sunshine.

Hairball: Hopefully the new Mario game will return to its roots, unlike Super Mario Sunshine, where it was totally different. They need to follow the classic storyline, and bring back all the familiar enemies. Having the Koopa kids would be neat too.

TW: Interesting Concept. Mario 128 does exist as Miyamoto said in the newest edition of Nintendo UK Magazine its well underway

Blitzkrieg: Hopefully it will feature co-op play, a la Mario & Luigi, but transcend upon what was once imaginable, like Super Mario 64 - still the greatest game ever.

Homer: Bleh it would be great if they can make another Super Mario World like game, the new ones are just not the same as before.

Plum: And your question is?

Richard wrote:

When is the exact release date for Mario Tennis on the Nintendo Gamecube?

BeckerManEX: Sometime in 2004 it would appear at the moment. With Pikmin 2 coming out soon, and Nintendo content with stretching out releases we may not see it for a while.

Hairball: If we know, it will be listed on the release dates page. So go check that out, and now it's an elite PHP script, after the all amazing work that I have done.

TW: Nothing's been announced for real, but I'm guessing sometime in the summer.

Blitzkrieg: It is unknown, unfortunately, but in the meantime, Mario Golf will suffice, won't it?

Homer: nooooo idea

Plum: Sometime this year.

Fuzzy wrote:


BeckerManEX: Someone has been playing a bit too much on their Genesis 32X, or Sonic Heroes.

Hairball: Who or what is Espio?

TW: Why must you torment a poor European gamer who has to wait till Feb. 6 for Sonic Heroes?

Blitzkrieg: Next.

Homer: oooook

Plum: .....

princess d wrote:

i want to submit my story to you,who do i email my story to so that it is availiable for all to see?my friend wants to see it on this site.please can you email me an answer,without any rude language?

BeckerManEX: I'm not in charge of stories here at SM128C, but HB should get back to you on that. I can't promise "no rude language" as that that isn't in most staff member's vocabulary.

Hairball: If you have your own fan fiction/stories just go to our message board, register (if you're not registered), and post in the fan fiction forum.

TW: The Stories section has not returned to fan stories submissions yet, but it is possible it will in the future.

Blitzkrieg: Ask TW lamer. I kid.

Homer: email it to Hairball, if its not too crappy,MAYBE he'll put it up XD

Plum: I don't know about this site but I'm sure Lemmy land or fanfiction.com would be happy to post your story.

Mister T wrote:

I pity the fool who don't suck my dick. Come on, hairball.

BeckerManEX: Right, when you feel like growing up, try emailing us again.

Hairball: Mister T, do you still wear all those ghetto gold chains?

TW: Another e-mailbag, another fellatio reference...

Blitzkrieg: Hairball only performs fellatio on transvestites.

Homer: go HB, you know you waaaaaaaaaaant it

Plum: ...

michelewoods wrote:

Do you know how I would go about getting Mario Brothers themed platea and cups for a birthday Party? I would really appreciate that information

BeckerManEX: I had Mario Bros. birthday cups, plates, table cloths, the whole deal when I was younger, and it was the bomb! I'm not sure if they still sell that stuff, but that would be surely awesome.

Hairball: Of course not, especially since I don't have birthday parties anymore.

TW: I'm sure this was asked a few years back... we didn't know then.. we don't know now!

Blitzkrieg: Perhaps buy some Nintendo stickers and apply them onto the items?

Homer: www.google.ca

Plum: Here you go http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2982120150&category=26394

A visitor wrote:


BeckerManEX: Yo.

Hairball: Bye bye bye into the sky.

TW: Bi.

Blitzkrieg: Bye.

Homer: Bye.

Plum: Hey

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