E-Mailbag for August 18, 2003

A bomb wrote:

Tic Tock BOOM!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Interesting...

Hairball: So you're the one that took out the power in the U.S. and Canada, damn you to hell.

TW: Hmm, why do we always have to start with the stupidest questions?

GuyInGreen: RIGHT!

Net-tech: Word.

Chris Frank wrote:

I just have a single question to ask should I really try what it says to get luigi in 64 or is it fake because It seems to good to be true i'm mean new levels, 2 player, anyways so am I really wasting my time running around around 64 time or what?

BeckerManEX: You are wasting your time in a big way.

Hairball: Getting a blow job from your crush is also too good to be true.

TW: I'll put it bluntly for the 3 squillionth time: It's fake.

GuyInGreen: If you are talking about finding Luigi in Super Mario 64, then I have an article i am working on. Just wait and read it, and then make your decision.

Net-tech: You have to do it perfectly for it to work.

Dude wrote:

'sup? Next nintendo: probably 2006. Next Gameboy: probably 2007

BeckerManEX: While you may be right, becuase of Nintendo's track record of releasing systems late, they [The Big N] have stated that they won't be the last one out of the game this time so look for the next Nintendo system to debut right with, or just before systems from Sony and Microsoft. This timeframe (with a 5 year cycle) would be 2005. As for the next Game Boy system it could fall anywhere. Sales of the little handheld haven't slowed since the release of the GBA SP earlier this year and I'm sure Nintendo is sitting pretty with just running with the ball for a while.

Hairball: Yo dude, thanks for the potential news, it's very possible that new systems could be coming out very, very soon.

TW: No, 2005 for both, hopefully.

GuyInGreen: Email bag is for questions, ask a question or press GO TO HELL for more options.

Net-tech: Don't tell us what to think.

Brothers64 wrote:

Hello, I saw on your website two unusual release dates for the Gamecube. One I've heard of a long time ago-Super Mario 128 and one I've only heard of being only in different countries-Paper Mario 2. My question is if there is going to actually be a Paper Mario 2 and Super Mario 128. Just wondering! Thanks!

BeckerManEX: Paper Mario was a great game (from the few hours I was able to play) and I can see a sequel being developed, maybe even a true sequel to Super Mario RPG now that Nintendo has ties with SquareEnix again, but it is too early to tell at the moment. As for Super Mario 128, we know the game is coming, we just don't know what system it will debut on. GameCube or Nintendo's next? Only time will tell.

Hairball: There is likely going to be a Super Mario 128, although it may not be called that name, It would likely be called Super Mario ________, just like Super Mario Sunshine. I haven't heard news of Paper Mario 2, but there is a Paper Mario like game coming out on GBA called Mario and Luigi.

TW: Super Mario 128 is very much a codename for the Next Mario game, it is explored thoroughly what we know about it in my Preview Article. Paper Mario 2 was a rumor started by Nintendo of Europe's release list.. although it does seem that Mario & Luigi for GBA may be technically "Paper Mario 2"

GuyInGreen: There WILL be a Super Mario 128...Nintendo said so themselves. As for Paper Mario 2, I just don't know.

Net-tech: Yes, both are planned for 2004.

Topaz wrote:

This is great Mario Tennis is out Wario World is awsome uh though I am coming up with like 2 more games for the gamers for the mario games it will be a big hit!

BeckerManEX: I believe you are talking about Mario Golf being out, Mario Tennis (GCN) is still in development at Camelot.

Hairball: Mario Golf recently came out, not Tennis, but Mario Tennis for the GameCube should be coming out in the next few months.

TW: Mario Tennis has been out.. what, three years?

GuyInGreen: The only real question here is why am I even replying?

Net-tech: Mario Tennis is not out you fucknugget. Mario Golf is out.

Noooooooooo! wrote:

I will sleep with you!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: I would prefer if you didn't.

Hairball: Yeeeeeeees... oh wait, do I really want to sleep with you?

TW: Cool.

GuyInGreen: Go away.

Net-tech: I hope you're a girl at least the age of consent.

Rose wrote:

Is luigi really in the game or is it a joke? I've tried your code, it doesn't work.

BeckerManEX: I still can't believe we get these questions. It was a sick joke people. It's been eight years since the game's release, Luigi isn't in the game!

Hairball: Your submission to the E-Mailbag deserves 13 black roses.

TW: I'll put it bluntly for the 3 squillionth and 1st time: It's fake.

GuyInGreen: Refer to my reply about the last Luigi question above.

Net-tech: It's real.

Shirley wrote:

Ha!!!It's good!!!

BeckerManEX: It sure is.

Hairball: What's good? Are you saying how good you perform in bed?

TW: Are you currently in the process of having sex?


Net-tech: Yes I'm good in bed.

Stan wrote:

Why is it taking you so long to make the Super Mario 128 Preview. You said it will be available to see on July 27 and its not there. Tell me everything about the game and email it to me, I am dying to know what it's about, please.

BeckerManEX: To be perfectly honest everything contained in our preview can be found all around the internet, the joy of reading our feature is it brings all that info together in one neat little package.

Hairball: I think this e-mail was sent before the preview was posted, but TW has posted it up for everyone to read!

TW: It was delayed a few days, but it has been up for over 15 days now. You are incredibly slow at this game, aren't you?

GuyInGreen: Mario's cholesterol rises to 128, the highest its ever been. He has to fight the evil cholesterol monsters, and thats why its called Super Mario 128.

Net-tech: We never email people content just for them. Why would we email them something when we could put it up on the site instead, where hundreds of people can view it, and we can get ad money?

Susan wrote:

We still have a nintendo and also the Super Mario Brothers 3 game. I was playing it and I got an anchor. I was wondering what it was for.

BeckerManEX: Talk about blast from the past, I honestly don't remember.

Hairball: An anchor... hmmm... it might be one of the "suits" that you can get in the game, but I can't remember exactly what it is.

TW: I haven't got that far on SMB3, sorry

GuyInGreen: Good question. The anchor is very useful. Say for instance you get on an airship and Mario loses a life. The airship moves. But if you use the anchor before getting on, the airship wont move, making it easier to get back on. Try and you will see.

Net-tech: Stick it up Luigi's ass and find his prostate.

Fuzzy wrote:

HB and Tiger are the only mature people on this site.

BeckerManEX: I guess I'm glad I'm not "on" this site. :)

Hairball: Mature? Me? Are you so sure you stupid Fuzzy bitch?

TW: Well there's gratitude for you.

GuyInGreen: Alright FUZZY.

Net-tech: Hairball isn't mature.

A serious person...(Right) wrote:

Directly to to Cow/Tutu F***er SolarGamer

hey how many prostitute jobs have you gotten, let's count:0, 0, 0, 0, and 0

UHH..I lost count

~Psychic Moron Freak~

And your to say:
Go F*** yourself...

BeckerManEX: What little sense that message made has caused brain damange in 34% of the staff.

Hairball: I will let Solar answer this, that is if he even answers this E-Mailbag at all.

TW: ...

GuyInGreen: SolarGamer has been a very successful prostitute. Leave him alone.

Net-tech: Why are you being so whack?

Tom wrote:

is there another way to get yoshi on mario 64 other than getting 120 stars?

BeckerManEX: No, there is not.

Hairball: Yes, one word: cheat

TW: Use a GameShark/Xploder/Action Replay device

GuyInGreen: Good question, but no. The only way to get yoshi is to get all 120 stars.

Net-tech: Get Luigi first, and then stomp the cannon 64 times and it will open up.

DarkWario wrote:

ok losers listen good you need to stop cussing ever since you do you are losing popularity

BeckerManEX: We were popular?

Hairball: Our dirty humour is one of the reasons that has grown our popularity.

TW: But thats why we ARE popular..

GuyInGreen: If we are losers, then aren't we accomplishing our goal by LOSING popularity?

Net-tech: We are more popular than ever.

Wendy O KoopA wrote:

Hey Hairball! (gives Hairball 500 bucks and buys SM128c)

BeckerManEX: Don't offer Harry money, he would sell the site for a penny if he needed it to buy a Pepsi.

Hairball: I believe SM128C is worth much more than that. But I'll gladly take your money and perform some "special services".

TW: No, but if you give me 100 ill send you the old Super Mario Saga.


Net-tech: SM128C is worth a lot more than $500, because of the earning potential.

Random Nintendo Nerd wrote:

1. your site rules
2. Hairball is ***
3.Do you think The Koopalings should be in more games?
4. Am I cool or what?
5. Question
6. L is Real 2041
7.Who is your favorite Koopaling?
8.Are the Koopalings cool or what?
9. You Owe me money!!
10. Are you crazy?
11. Do you have any friends
12. Is there a way to play as Waluigi in Wario World
13.Why I am I writeing this?
14. Were are you form?
15. Mario wuz here
16. Luigi wuz Here
17. Sould update your Emailbags more!
18. I know what you did last summer!

BeckerManEX: 1. Thanks; 2. Interesting; 3. No; 4. No; 5. Mindless Response; 6. It sure is; 7. Frank; 8. No; 9. No; 10. No; 11. Yes; 12. No; 13. No idea; 14. Arizona; 15. Cool; 16. Cool; 17. We are; 18. Me too, sleep; 19. Go Cards and Bucs!

Hairball: 1-19. Seriously, do you really think I will answer your long irritating questions?

TW: 20. You are ***.


Net-tech: Why do people send in these numbered emails?

Jimmy wrote:

I've heard a few things about Mario 128, and i heard it is supposed to be like the classic. Does this mean yoshi, luigi, and the cape will guest star in this game? Perhaps the racoon hat. Is this game due in 3 years or something? So do you have the inside scoop to answer my questions?

BeckerManEX: No one knows for sure what the game will be like, or what it will include, all we know is it will be more of a direct sequel to Super Mario 64 than Mario Sunshine was and will feature everyone's favorite red-dressed plumber, Mario.

Hairball: There's always the chance, but I have no details at this time.

TW: We all hope so. Its due out within two years, hopefully it won't be pushed to the Nintendo5.

GuyInGreen: Im hopeful that Luigi and Yoshi and the cape will be in the game. They always made Mario World enjoyable. However we know just as little as you do but it is only a matter of time before we can give a full scoop of what the game will be like.

Net-tech: It should be out next year, and anything seems possible at this point.

Samoni wrote:

How do you become gay? BECAUSE YOU ALREADY ARE!

BeckerManEX: The ADL must love you.

Hairball: I don't study anthropology, psychology or whatever, so I'm not sure how people are gay or not, or if they are born gay. But from what you are asking, maybe perhaps you are...

TW: Sure...

GuyInGreen: thats more of a WHY question than a HOW question. You are need to lern GRAMMOR

Net-tech: Your 10 year old insults have made me cry.

Joey wrote:

We wanna f*** HB in the ass

BeckerManEX: I'll make a note of it.

Hairball: Who is "we", I don't enjoy large group action.

TW: He's quite desperate for some ****ing, he may accept.

GuyInGreen: No objections your honor.

Net-tech: Speaking of gays...

KitchenNinjA wrote:

now that hb is going off to university, will sm128c be handed down to another trusted employee?

BeckerManEX: As much as HB updates the site now I find it not likely since he can do just about the same amount of updating as he does now. It is within a person's grasp to run a website and go to college, I do it.

Hairball: Of course not, the site must go on.

TW: No, he will run it from his Campus Dog Kennel.

GuyInGreen: Nope, I believe Hairball is keeping it. Good question though.

Net-tech: No.

Tybalt wrote:

why is it taking so long for solar to write the super mario saga. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!

BeckerManEX: More people should email/flame him and maybe he will do it.

Hairball: Because Solar feels that he is so much better than us because of his Ayran pride, he will have it done whenever he feels like it, and there's not much we can do about it.

TW: We would also like to point this out. solargamer@sm128c.com

GuyInGreen: You will find out shortly. I want to know too.

Net-tech: Don't bother reading it, because it'll leave you in suspense for years.

Daisy wrote:

I have two questions. When is solar gamer going to start updating on time and is it true that Tiger and Hairball are getting married. (i read it in another email bag.

BeckerManEX: 1. No idea, sorry; 2. I certainly don't think so.

Hairball: Yes, Tiger and I will get married... that is just right.

TW: No, this isn't American Pie III

GuyInGreen: The only thing Hairball is getting married to is his right hand. Just kidding, but Tiger and Hairball arent getting married.

Net-tech: Solar will never update on time, and yes, Tiger and Hairball will be wed on June 12, 2004.

Alex wrote:

This place rules! This place is the best Mario website I've ever seen! Why don't you put more interviews in specials.

BeckerManEX: That might require actual work and we are against that here. It's our motto.

Hairball: Because those interviews are extremely lame, and I am extremely ashamed of even having done them in the past.

TW: HB doesn't really like those interviews anymore.

GuyInGreen: We will try, and thank you.

Net-tech: The interviews are lame.

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