E-Mailbag for May 11, 2003

Kyle wrote:

Hey Hairball, long time no talk. Nice job on the SM128C april fool's joke. If only Nintendo were actually planning on doing this. I especially liked the high-res SM64 shots. Did you get those with an emulator or something? Anyway, be sure to check out the awesome new product "exclusive" down at SMBHQ =P. Later.

BeckerManEX: When did the bag become Harry's personal inbox?

Hairball: Yeah, those screenshots were taken in an emu, they enhance the picture so it's more detailed. You never know, it could happen.

TW: Actually someone who thought our Joke was good! Yes, those shots were made in that way.

Tiger: Another April, another SM128C joke. SMBHQ? Our rivals?!

Homer: SM64: UE wasn't a joke.... its real....

Luigi128 wrote:

This year's April fool's joke was pathetic. While a re-release of SM64 on the GC would be cool, it was obvious that yours was a fake. Here are a few tips to making April fool's jokes more convincing:
1.) If you say that Luigi and Yoshi are playable in the "Ultimate Edition" you could at least have screen shots of them in the game!
2.) You had everything in a folder "april2003" which totally gives away the joke, you aren't supposed to put it in there until you archive the joke, gosh!
3.) Put it in the news, not the updates!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Some sites updates are categorized via folders that use a month name and year. One of the previous sites I launched was an issued based magazine that split the site up in such a way. Although your point about listing it in the news is a good idea.

Hairball: The person who sent in this e-mail seems to be the most pathetic of them all. But it's really meant as a joke, I don't see how people can get seriously offended by it.

TW: 1) We had no time to make screens like that, It was effective enough as it was if people were buying it. 2) Shows how dumb people are 3) No.

Tiger: I'm sure HB took note of your suggestions.

Homer: shut up bitch, its real

Joe wrote:

Awesome job on another great April Fools gag, as usual, very well done. As soon as I remembered what day it was, I had to rush to sm128c to check out the joke. The classics are still good, and I know inpsired tons of crap mail asking you about Luigi..., well, thanks!

BeckerManEX: We still get mail on a joke we pulled four years ago!

Hairball: People just seem to love those Luigi rumors do they?

TW: Remember to check back next year!

Tiger: Yup, Luigi is indeed the classic.


Sketch wrote:


BeckerManEX: [Cue Stewie Voice] NEVER!

Hairball: Solar needs to get off his ass and answer the mailbag for a chance.

TW: As Soon as Part 5 is Special-Editionised, Solar is just going to be converting the old parts to the new style without additions, so they should be up much faster.

Tiger: Solar is sure lazy..

Homer: Go shove a dildo up Solar's ass, and he'll speed up by 1MPH

Lava Piranha wrote:

This website sucks.

BeckerManEX: No you suck.

Hairball: .. and this piranha, uh, bites.

TW: Digital Information doesn't have any Saliva or Air, so it can't.

Tiger: And others blow in comparison!

Homer: big cocks:

Star Wolf wrote:

You'll be seeing your dad soon Fox!

BeckerManEX: I loved blowing the crap out of you in Star Fox 64!

Hairball: I thought Fox's dad was dead, wasn't he?

TW: That is so 1997.

Tiger: Fox?

Homer: ookayy buddy

Lemmy wrote:

The Koopalings should be in more gamez HEAR ME NINTENDO!

BeckerManEX: For using a "z" in such an uncool fashion they will never appear in another game.

Hairball: I'd like to see them in new games too. But Nintendo is too busy these days thinking of new characters, rather than bringing back the classics. Just look at Super Mario Sunshine, I can't even recall any of the enemies. We need some classic stuff back in the Mario games!

TW: That is so 1991.

Tiger: Nintendo can't hear you.

Homer: shut up, bitch

Diehard Mario64 fan wrote:

Is Ultimate Edition Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo GameCube an April fools joke or is the greatest game really being re-made?
PLEASE get back to me on this!!! I need to know if its true!!!

BeckerManEX: It's true, look for it soon along with a new edition of Super Mario All Stars GC.

Hairball: Yes, it was an April's Fools Joke. It's always astonishing we get so much commentary about the updates on April 1 for the past few years.

TW: No, It was an April Fools' Joke. Although, you never know Nintendo....

Tiger: Of course it's an April Fool's Joke.

Homer: no, its real.... I'm serious

Adam wrote:

Is the game Super Mario 128 fun and adventure. I was so surprised when I heard about it. When will this game come out.

BeckerManEX: There is no release date yet, but it will be similar to Super Mario 64 as it is the true sequel to that masterpiece.

Hairball: SM128 will probably be something resembling Super Mario Sunshine. It'll be a platform game. The name could always change though.

TW: Nothing has been formally announced, except for that Miyamoto is working on it. It's not really clear if its going to be a full-on adventure or not.

Tiger: Hopefully, someday..

Homer: Hell if we know, looks like Miyamoto is on drugs lately.

Addison wrote:

is there a game coming out called "Super Mario 128"??

BeckerManEX: There sure is, hopefully we will see some news on it next week at E3.

Hairball: Yes.

TW: Yes. See Above.

Tiger: What? Of course..not?

Homer: no its called "Super Hairball 128"

Tom Kafee wrote:

Are you kidding me?

There is no Super Mario 64: Ultimate Edition for GameCube. It's pure bull-shit! There is no information about this, so called, coming game to GameCube on any other site than yours. None what-so-ever on www.nintendo.com. Stop giving false information, I'm not in the mood for any pranks.

BeckerManEX: Seeing as how it was posted on the biggest day of pranks there is you might want to calm yourself down before you blow something other than your uncle.

Hairball: Who says Nintendo.com is always right?

TW: Does the FIRST OF APRIL mean anything to you?

Tiger: *sigh*, it WAS posted on April 1st..

Homer: shut up, its leaked information, you think it'll be broadcasted?

Jon wrote:

Mock your own site, asshole. It sucks. Maybe you should stick this in your mailbag since you think it's a cool thing to mock other sites when they are at a much higher level of quality than yours.

BeckerManEX: We did stick it in our mailbag. And who ever said we were high quality?

Hairball: The art of mocking is a fake.

TW: Who is Tony Sarget anyway?

Tiger: I'm sure you could make something better.

Homer: mmm, mocking is yummy

Bobthebuilder wrote:

you can build on this, right?
supermariosunshine is a way shiny game. after playing it for 8 and a half hours straight, i had to scrape my eyes out with a fork. it was shroooooomy.....
and don't forget, "Sleeep, Marlena, Sleeeeeeep..."

BeckerManEX: What in the heck are you talking about? Lay off the 'shrooms my friend.

Hairball: You can always build with building blocks, or something like Lego. Use some common sense and don't play 3D games for so long.

TW: McGaffin WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger: Yet another non-question in the mailbag.


Luigi128 wrote:

As of the time that I am writing this, over 25% of the people have responded to "Do you love SM128C?" with "No Way." Either you have a lot of people visiting that don't like you, or your site attracts very ignorant and stupid people.

BeckerManEX: A little from column A, a little from column B.

Hairball: Even though some people think we suck. No doubt, we have large amount of fans, that love us, and hate us. But the point is that they still come to SM128C. And as long as they still come, we will continue to serve. If you really hate us, why are you sending in e-mail to us? And why do you come by our chat room?

TW: Like you you mean? You really piss me off with your continual whining, go back to LuigiLand.

Tiger: Of course people love us, they are just in denial about it.

Homer: is that a question?

Hobo wrote:

Got any spare change?

BeckerManEX: Yep, lots.

Hairball: Yes, but I'm cheap, and don't like to give to the poor.

TW: No.

Tiger: Nope.

Homer: Got any dicks?

EMH wrote:

I like words that begin with "F", and end in "UCK". Like "Fire Truck"!

BeckerManEX: This is a sad, sad country when you're the product of our public education system.

Hairball: And I like words that begin with "I" and end in "T", like "idiot". Referring to you.


Tiger: Red, shiny, and loud.

Homer: wow, that is so new. I can't believe it

God wrote:

GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: I don't believe in Hell, or heaven for that matter.

Hairball: I have said it once, and will say it again. If everyone goes to hell, wouldn't it get too crowded down there?


Tiger: Sorry, we are already on earth.

Homer: Satan - GO TO HEAVEN!!! Erm... that doesn't sound right

Aloha Joe wrote:

Is there anywhere I can I get the original Super Mario Saga? Thanks.

BeckerManEX: I don't believe so, but I could be wrong.

Hairball: No, it is locked in the confidential files of SM128C, and will never be seen again.

TW: You can send me $100, and i'll give you the link to it.

Tiger: On the site.

Homer: mail Homer 9000 dollars in cash. You'll get it... some day

Someone wrote:

How Many other people except me and you know about 'Mario Kart Double Dash!!'?

BeckerManEX: Lots, it has been reported on quite heavily the past couple of weeks and will be shown for the first time next week at E3.

Hairball: Everyone that has went to a Nintendo site in the past 2 weeks or so! But anyways, it's great news that they have a Mario Kart game coming up.

TW: Everyone who reads Nintendo.com, Planetgamecube.com and any other Mario site??

Tiger: Double the goodness.

Homer: what in the?

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