Cape Mario Unlimited Flight in Super Mario World

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by: Hairball

One of the things that isn't quite documented in Super Mario World is the ability for Cape Mario to have unlimited flight. That's right, when equipped with the Cape Feather, Mario can fly forever (barring any vertical obstacles such as pipes to obstruct the path).

Cape Mario

How do you fly forever in Super Mario World?

It's actually quite simple. When you are Cape Mario, simply run by pressing a direction and Y, when the cape flashes, hit B to jump into the air to take flight. Once the cape opens, hit the opposite direction on the control pad. Every second or so once Mario descends lightly, hit that opposite direction again, and Mario will keep flying nonstop.

Cape Mario Unlimited Flight in Super Mario World

The same unlimited flight ability exists in the Super Mario World style in Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2.

Unlimited flight isn't possible when riding Yoshi as Mario's cape does not open up like it does when he is alone.

Now after you know this, don't you think Cape Mario is OP?

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