Where to buy "World of Nintendo" figures in Canada

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For the last couple of years, I've been fascinated by World of Nintendo figures after seeing them photographed a lot on Instagram.

These 2.5 inch and 4 inch figures by JAKKS Toys are not exactly something easy to find, it's even harder when there is a specific figure you want to get. There are scant details on releases, and usually when it just shows up in a retail store is when you'll know about it. The release of these figures aren't coordinated and structured like how Amiibos are when released by Nintendo.

World of Nintendo figures on store shelves
It's exciting to see a shelf full of World of Nintendo figures, especially one you want to get!

From my experience, there are only four main retailers in Canada that sell these figures, which nowadays are almost all figures from the Mario series. Here is our ranking of the retailers from best to worst.

1. EB Games

The newest Mario figures are usually available at EB Games. They seem to primarily carry the 4" line, on occasion they have individual 2.5" figures (such as the "captured" Super Mario Odyssey Goomba and Bullet Bill enemies), along with a variety of boxed sets. Stock varies greatly depending on the store.

For online shopping at EBGames.ca, only some packages are available. They sell individual figures but they are sent at random as they use a single SKU for all products.

2. Walmart

Walmart has recently started to sell World of Nintendo figures again in 2019 after a brief exodus. Initially they only have 2.5" figures, but now also carry 4" figures as well. I have not seen boxed sets at Walmart. Walmart.ca has a small amount of figures in addition to products from third party sellers.

One plus is that Walmart sells figures for about $1 cheaper than EB Games.

3. Toys "R" Us

Yes, Toys "R" Us still exists in Canada, they carry a wide variety of figures in 2.5" and 4", but these figures often seem to be older and they take far longer to stock their shelves. They also sell boxed sets.

4. Amazon.ca

I bought my first sets of World of Nintendo figures from Amazon.ca, so they are great for these packages. However, for standalone figures, it would not be the best option as the prices vary widely, and it isn't always clear whether something is being sold by Amazon.ca or by a third party seller.

Sometimes you just can't find what you want at home, I've bought a couple on the US-based Amazon.com and in person at the Nintendo Store in New York City as well.

If you want to pay retail prices for World of Nintendo figures, you will have to do things the old fashioned way and hit up a store on a regular basis to see what they have. It can be annoying, but going in is your best bet. Happy collecting!

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