The Best Super Mario Odyssey Moment: Capturing Bowser

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by: Hairball

Our mustached hero Mario has been through so countless adventures over the past 35 years since Super Mario Bros. Throughout the numerous games there have been so many surprises.

The ability for Mario to capture other characters, enemies, and objects with Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most creative gameplay mechanics we have seen thus far in the Super Mario games.

Capturing a Goomba to create a Goomba Tower, capturing a Hammer Bro to throw pans and hammers, capturing and swimming with Cheep Cheep. It's pretty cool becoming one of these classic Mario enemies and being one of Bowser's minions in disguise.

You gotta hand it to Nintendo, some of the best parts of the game were kept fairly well hidden from view like they would for a Hollywood blockbuster film. Some game developers would try to leak things out to get people hyped about a game, but Mario games, especially the 3D ones tend to sell themselves.

The fun costumes in Super Mario Bros. 3 such as the penguin, tanooki, frog and Hammer Bro suits - ok, fine maybe he's already been some of these things. Seeing the return of the Bowser airship (although in water) in Super Mario World. Finding Yoshi on the top of the roof in Super Mario 64 after collecting all 120 stars. We even saw Mario being arrested in Super Mario Sunshine, that was one dramatic start to the game. The totally epic intro in Super Mario Galaxy that made it feel like a cinematic production. Remember the arrival of Rosalina's Comet Observatory in the ending of Super Mario Galaxy 2?

There have been plenty of surprises and interesting moments. Heck, even in the middle of Super Mario Odyssey, being dropped into the New Donk City Festival as an 8-bit Mario with Donkey Kong was one totally memorable experience in its own right.

However, in Super Mario Odyssey, none of this compares to actually taking control as the King of the Koopas, Bowser himself!

It was totally unreal when I had first experienced this after the battle on the Moon Kingdom. During the actual battle with Bowser, he was wearing a top hat, which means he cannot be captured. In Odyssey, for the most part, any character that is wearing a hat cannot be captured.

Captured Bowser with Princess Peach

But after you beat him, Mario, Peach and Bowser fall to the bottom of the underground moon caverns, and he is dizzy and has stars around his head… which means, yes you can get Cappy to capture Bowser! The cutscene during the capture shows all the great battles from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64, which is an awesome tribute to past games. A red "M" cap appears on Bowser's head along with Mario's blue eyes, and here we go!

The escape scene where you take control of Bowser is incredible, it seems unimaginable to control Mario's archnemesis within a Mario game! Princess Peach is on Bowser's shoulder as you proceed to exit the caverns.

Captured Bowser escape scene in Super Mario Odyssey

You can use Bowser's giant claws to break through blocks and moon rocks, and there is even a 2D section where Bowser shows up in his original Super Mario Bros. 2D pixelated look. It brings back so many nostalgic memories.

This segment was so thrilling, and in a game with so many surprises and unexpected moments, being able to take control of Bowser is just something you would have never imagined to be possible.

There's no doubt that thus far far, the best Mario moment is capturing Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey, nothing else comes close.

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