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Super Mario Odyssey has plenty of fun 2D segments where Mario jumps into an 8-bit world and he carries his look and appearance from the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

2D segments in 3D Mario games are nothing new, as they've existed in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, although in these two games Mario is still visually in a 3D form. However, Super Mario Odyssey really took things back by having Mario appear to be in an actual 8-bit two-dimensional environment featuring the NES-style graphics from Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Odyssey with 16-bit SMW Mario

It appears that Nintendo has thrown in a nice little bonus, by including a hidden feature to turn all the 8-bit stages into 16-bit ones in the Super Mario World style! Even today, Super NES graphics still haven't become too dated.

The 16-bit Super Mario World mode in Super Mario Odyssey can be enabled by having a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 and completing the following tasks:

  • Ensure there is a Super Mario Maker 2 save file in the same profile as Super Mario Odyssey
  • Super Mario Odyssey must have the latest v1.3.0 update that was released April 25, 2019
  • Complete 20 stages in Endless Challenge in any difficulty without dying a total of more than 5 times (in other words, once you die the 6th time, this challenge must be started over again, any 1-Ups that are collected in game will not affect this counter, you must manually track the number of deaths)

Once the conditions are met, an ON/OFF switch will appear in the first 2D segment within Cascade Kingdom - the area where the "Behind the Waterfall" Power Moon is located. It does not matter how far in the game you are or how many Power Moons you have collected, as long as you complete the Super Mario Maker 2 tasks, the switch will appear this location. Once the switch is hit, all the 2D sprites will transform into how the look like in Super Mario World!

OFF switch appears in Cascade Kingdom
ON/OFF switch will appear once conditions are met, "OFF" means the game is currently in 8-bit SMB style

SMW Mode enabled in Odyssey
After hitting the switch to "ON", all 2D segment graphics will transform into the Super Mario World style, a Super Famicom logo will also appear in the background

It's quite fitting the 16-bit mode can be enabled in Cascade Kingdom because it is a dinosaur themed area with a T-Rex, of course Super Mario World took place in Dinosaur Land. Unfortunately, there are no Rexes or Dino-Rhinos here!

By default, the switch will be in the OFF state, once Mario hits the switch to turn it ON, all the graphics will magically transform into a Super Mario World 16-bit style for your save file. A Super Famicom (Japanese version of the Super NES) logo will also appear.

Bullet Bill in SMW
Bullet Bill and "?" blocks in Super Mario World style

Koopa Troopa in Super Mario World style
Koopa Troopa in Super Mario World style

There is no change in the actual gameplay, the 16-bit graphics are purely for aesthetics only.

The graphics will remain in the SMW 16-bit style for the duration of play, to disable, all you have to simply do is hit the same switch and turn it back into the OFF state to turn it back to the standard SMB 8-bit graphics.

Now you're playing with power, super power!

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