Nintendo Switch "Bowser Edition" Coming Summer 2020!

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Nintendo has announced that the "Year of Bowser" will be a special event coming later this year to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Bowser's first appearance.

Super Mario Bros. for the NES originally came out in 1985, and 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of the video game and along with the introduction of Bowser, also known as the King of the Koopas, who has since become Mario's long-time archnemesis.

To kick off the Year of Bowser, a limited edition Nintendo Switch will be released in Summer 2020. Nintendo Switch "Bowser Edition" will feature a green left Joy-con coming in Bowser's signature dark green color, along with an orange right Joy-con that matches his fiery orange hair and the color of the huge fire trail that he regularly breathes out. This will make an excellent item for video game collectors!

Nintendo Switch Bowser Edition with green and orange Joy-cons

It is expected the Bowser-themed green and orange Joy-cons will be available for purchase separately at a later date.

Similar to the "Year of Luigi" in 2013, expect to see plenty of Bowser appearances and easter eggs in a variety of Nintendo titles. It is likely that there will be special merchandise featuring Bowser, perhaps even a Bowser feature game for the very first time.

The primary antagonist of Mario is one of the video game industry's most iconic characters. Bowser isn't always an evil dude, despite his sharp spiny shell and powerful fire breath, on occasion he has a lighthearted and comedic side, sometimes you might even feel bad how he always comes out on the losing end!

There will be more information to come, be sure to stay tuned while Bowser fans rejoice this momentous occasion!

Source: "Air Of Poll"

APRIL FOOLS! I'm sure we all love Bowser, but can he stop kidnapping Princess Peach already? That said, a Year of Bowser would be something awesome that Nintendo should definitely consider some day!

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