Mario Clash for Virtual Boy coming to Nintendo 3DS!

Posted on Sun Apr 1, 2018 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball

In a surprise announcement, Nintendo has announced they are releasing a port of Mario Clash from the Virtual Boy for the Nintendo 3DS. Mario Clash is one of a handful of games that were ever released for the Virtual Boy, and it is a 3D game inspired by the original arcade game Mario Bros.

Mario Clash Virtual Boy for 3DS box art

Mario Clash will actually have the stereoscopic 3D mode included, a pleasant surprise since there have been few actual 3D games released for the 3DS in recent years, and it's starting to become a dead console since the release of the Nintendo Switch.

The Virtual Boy was a colossal failure - but just like fashion, what's old is new again, and there has been a sudden growth of nostalgia for 90s pop culture. Nintendo has cashed in mightily on the NES and SNES Classic consoles, so a re-release of a failed VB game is something low risk that can bring in some more sales.

This release is a throwback to the old school 3D games, and it will be presented in red and black glory - a special mode in full color is expected to be available as a DLC package.

Since Nintendo is now abandoning the dual screen feature with the Nintendo Switch, the Mario Clash port will only be available in single screen. Though, it's not like the Virtual Boy was a dual screen device in the first place - unless you consider one display for each eye to be "dual screen".

No release date was provided, however a formal announcement with more footage is expected to be shown at E3 later this year.

Source: "Far Oil Lop"

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