April Fools Day 2018

We've gone on an exodus for a few years, but here are the two April Fools jokes that Hairball wrote up for 2018. Hope you enjoy them!

Stories posted on Sun April 1, 2018:

Play Wii U Games on Nintendo Switch with USB add-on! - The Nintendo Switch has been overloaded with Wii U ports for the first year of its release, it's like a slap in the face to Wii U gamers that these games are getting full billing when they are years old. Wouldn't it be great if you can just play Wii U games on your Switch?

Mario Clash for Virtual Boy coming to Nintendo 3DS! - The Virtual Boy was a colossal failure from Nintendo, but of the few games to ever come out, Mario Clash was one of the better games, and the Mario Bros. concept has been re-released over and over again. These days the 3DS hardly has "3D" games any more, it'd be nice if an actually 3D game came out for a change!