Super Mario Sunshine - Luigi Found in Game!

Posted on Apr 1, 2004 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball

Several SM128C readers have sent in tips to our news desk regarding the discovery of Luigi in Super Mario Sunshine. This has been brought to our attention about 10 days ago, when we started the investigation, until one reader provided us with the corresponding screenshots

After a year and a half of uncertainty, It appears as though Luigi is indeed in Super Mario Sunshine, ending doubts from Nintendo fans across the world. Screenshots have been provided by one reader who only would be identified as OlfOprlia.

"The only thing Luigi does is that he gives Mario (up to) 100 lives, and he also offers his congratulations that you found him, and he wishes Mario good luck the rest of the way," OlfOprlia explained.

Based on the reports, Luigi's appearance in Super Mario Sunshine is reminiscent of Yoshi's presence in Super Mario 64. He is not a playable character, and in no way does Luigi significantly affect game play at all. After talking to Luigi, who appears with his Poltergust 3000 vacuum from Luigi's Mansion, he awards Mario the bonus lives, and then is literally in a rush to leave.

According to information provided, Luigi will wait for Mario on the Shine Tower on Isle Delfino. But in order for Luigi to appear, there are some objectives that must be completed first.

We attempted to contact Nintendo for official confirmation, but they were unwilling to provide comment. However, SM128C has attempted this, and we can confirm that Luigi can be obtained following the above instructions on North American, European and Japanese versions of Super Mario Sunshine.


Sources: SM128C Reader Tips

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