Luigi found in Super Mario 64! - How to unlock co-op mode

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After long speculation, it has been discovered that Luigi is indeed in Super Mario 64. SM128C's own Hairball has found Luigi in Super Mario 64 after spending months and months of searching.

"Wow, it took us hard work, but we finally got Luigi in Super Mario 64, 3.5 years after the release, the impossible become reality," quoted Hairball in an interview.

Nintendo was not available for comment on this breaking news story.

Hairball managed to provide SM128C with a high-quality screenshot of Luigi in Super Mario 64. This screenshot was taken inside one of the castle's courtyards, where the Boo Buddies would normally appear after 12 stars have been collected.

Where Luigi first appears...

The screenshot above shows Mario and Luigi in the courtyard. There has been much speculation about the Star in the pond. Right below that cement star, it says "L is real 2401". This phrase has lead many players to think that Luigi might be in Super Mario 64 because L could mean Luigi. But those who kept faith in the myth were correct. Luigi is indeed in Super Mario 64, and that's that.

Apparently, Luigi has a major part in Super Mario 64, unlike most people believed. Once you get Luigi, you can open up 5 more secret stages in the game. These secret stages have tough objectives, and have new enemies, it might be a taste of what we can see in Super Mario 64 2, the upcoming sequel for the game, that will be released in September 29, 2000, 4 years after the release of the original Super Mario 64.

We all now saw that Luigi is in Super Mario 64. But the next question is, how do we get Luigi? In order to get Luigi, you must follow these steps accordingly, it's actually very, very easy:

1. Start a brand new game in Super Mario 64, it must be Game B
2. Get the 1st two stars in Course 1, Bob-omb Battlefield, in less than 5 minutes.
3. Head on over to the courtyard.
4. Using Mario, run 64 laps around the little pond in counter-clockwise direction.
5. Once you finish your 64th lap, swim towards the the cement star in the centre of the pond.
6. Once you are standing on the part "floating" in water, punch the sign where it says "L is real 2401", and Luigi will warp in.
7. Once Luigi appears, quickly walk up to him and talk to him.
8. Luigi will then open up the secret courses in Super Mario 64, and he will become a playable character in the game, you will be able to swap him and Mario at any point during the game.

Many gamers have tried many different combinations to get Luigi, but none other than this one will work. This long theory of Luigi being in Super Mario 64 has finally become a fact.

Luigi following Mario around the game...

Mario and Luigi in Bob-omb Battlefield...

This is the one and only way you can get Luigi and open up the secret courses in Super Mario 64. You can use Luigi to play the current courses, if you have not already completed the game, but in the secret courses that are open, they require both Mario and Luigi in order to pass them, both Mario and Luigi are interchangable at any time during the game. In 1 player mode you can have Luigi follow Mario around, or Mario follow Luigi around. Or in the 2 player co-operative mode, that opens up when you rescue Luigi, you can choose between Mario and Luigi, and play together in the quest.

Now there you have it, after years of trying, you can finally get Luigi in Super Mario 64. With Luigi in the game and secret courses open, this adds even more depth to an already superb game.

-- Hairball

UPDATE - Nov 29, 2019 - APRIL FOOLS! It's hard to believe that 22 years later, people are still wondering if Luigi is in Super Mario 64. He's not, this was one of the greatest video game rumors of the 1990s and 2000s!

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Although Luigi is not in Super Mario 64, perhaps he could be in a true sequel to Super Mario 64 some day.

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