Here are some recommended links to other quality Mario, Nintendo and video game websites:

The Mushroom Kingdom The Mushroom Kingdom - A long running Mario information repository with plenty of downloads with a focus towards classic games.

The Bowser Shrine The Bowser Shrine - One of the few websites on the internet dedicated to Mario's archnemesis, Bowser!

Nintendo Castle Nintendo Castle - An indie Nintendo blog with the latest news

Mario Party Legacy Mario Party Legacy - Featuring loads of information on the Mario Party series from the N64 to Switch.

Mario Wiki Super Mario Wiki - Without a doubt, the largest Mario information repository on the internet, has practically all the Mario things that you would ever need.

Super Luigi Bros Super Luigi Bros. - A website dedicated to Luigi, Mario's overlooked brother, but even this place has plenty of Mario content.

Gaming Reinvented Gaming Reinvented - Excellent independent gaming blog with a focus on investigative video game journalism.

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