SNES Review: Super Mario World
Review by: SolarGamer (

Game Info

 System: Super NES
 ESRB: Everyone
 Genre: Platform
 # of Players: 1-2
 Size: 4 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Game Save: Yes

 Release Date:
 US: Jan 20, 1991





Final Score:

Now, Super Mario Bros. 3 is possibly the best platformer in history....but the death of the NES is near. So what does Nintendo do? They release a brand new Mario game PLUS a 16 bit system to go along with it. Now why did I mention the Mario before the system? Because it is a Mario site that's why. Super Mario World lives up to the name of Mario and games in general. Anyone who has played this game can tell you that it is one of the most fun game you can get out of any system (the polygonial N64 included). It offers superb graphics, excellent gameplay, and a continues plot that takes place right after SMB3. This games lives up to my expectations as the second greatest Mario game (or any game) of all time. So what makes Super Mario World a good game? What are it's graphics like that they can rival the N64? Is there any downfall in this game at all. I will take you through all of these plus more.

Ok, so you are thinking....what can they possibly add to this system that they didn't have before? Can any one say "green lizard, with a huge tongue, and an endless appetite"? This games introduces Yoshi possibly the most innovative characters in gaming history. Yoshi was big (and still is). But the biggest thing about this particular game is.....the secret world. Yes a huge secret world which the average gamer won't find and won't care. I will not get give any secrets but I suggest to all you die hard Mario fans to go back and dust off your SNES and play like you have never played before. Tons of little secrets around and you can't call yourself a "Mario fan" until you found them all. Believe me when I say it doesn't get repetitive.

(continued from SMB3 Review) Now the princess is free from the clutches of Bowser. So what do they do? They go to Dinosaur Land! Mario, Luigi, and Princess decide they are tired of the pesky Koopa so they take a brake. All is fine until...surprise surprise King Bowser Koopa kidnaps Toadstool in an act of revenge. Now of coarse Mario couldn't that giant lizard kidnap his one true love so he sets out on his own journey. On the way he finds an egg and a dino named Yoshi appears telling him Koopa imprisoned him here. He also offers you a ride and instantly Mario history is made. Luigi tags along behind occasionally helping when Mario needs a brake. So with Mario's cape, Yoshi and tons baddies....This is a plot like nothing else. Ha! Well I am here to review so I will say this. The thing that brings down this game. The plot is basically a SMB3 knockoff with better graphics. Don't get me wrong this can be a good thing...I somewhat like the idea. But, as for originality it lacks.

Some interesting characters can be found in this game so I will list the common ones first. Mario (our hero), Luigi (our assistant hero), Toadstool (our woman in distress), Iggy (Koopa Kid), Lemmy (Koopa Kid), Morton Jr. (Koopa Kid), Roy (Koopa Kid), Ludwing Von (Koopa Kid), Larry (Koopa Kid), Wendy O (Koopa Kid), and King Bowser Koopa (our evil villain of this game). Now the new characters include....Yoshi (a helpful lizard who becomes more useful than Luigi), Caterpillar (baddie), a Rhinosauors (baddie), Hothead (baddie), Chargin Chuck (baddie), Sumo Koopa Brothers, Mecha Koopa's. And a ton of a lot more than I mentioned here. Over all they did a good job mixing oldies with newbies and it couldn't have been done better.

Items are plentiful and needed in this. Mario is back with flying capabilities, with his feather. The original Fire Flower is here. A Puff Balloon that makes Mario inflate is here. But one of the most important is the keys that you find in worlds (hint hint). Items make good usage in SMW. While not as many original ones in SMB3 it does have it's place. Oh had a Mushroom that makes you big, and Star that made you invincible for awhile. In case you didn't know that ;).

Mario looks his best in this game. Some might say he even looks better in this game than he does in SM64. Which brings me to graphics. It has one of the best looking graphics of the system. All characters are smooth and cartoonish (but not to childish). The backgrounds are detailed and even gives an impression of 3D. Everything about the graphics gave gamers a though of "wow" for future games to come. While not far off from is still far enough for this game to stand alone in this department.

Gameplay was at it's best with Super Mario World. Perfect movements, no freezing, good framerate. What could be better? Again, the green lizard Yoshi is mentioned in this category. His movements, the way he flies, his huge tongue. The buttons on the controller felt like I was actually in the game, hitting the back of Yoshi's neck. Miyamoto is a genious when it comes to the Gameplay zone (as well as all the rest). Not much more I can say but. Super Job, for a Super Game.

Now with a 16 bit you get better music and sound effects. Duh! The music was crystal clear, and sound effects sound real (in a cartoonie kind of way). The music never got repetitive, which you sometimes get in these kind of games. A neat little feature was that whenever you rode Yoshi you can hear drums added to the beat of the Music. Lands had there own theme songs...Ghost Houses had spooky music. What more can you ask for?

So while Mario upgrades from 8 bit to 16 bit....there are bound to be something different. That is why I think they wanted to keep it as close to SMB3. But with sticking to it's previous lacks originality. But a little thing like that doesn't get in the way of something like the...hence "Why mess with a good thing". Super Mario World hasn't aged and is still as fun to play as it was at the start of thee 90's. Super Mario World is a Super Game...

-- SolarGamer (

Bottom Line: A great game for a Super system. This is what made the platformer what it is today.