GB Review: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Review by: TW (

Game Info

 System: Game Boy
 ESRB: Everyone
 Genre: Platform
 # of Players: 1
 Size: 4 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Game Save: Yes

 Release Date:
 US: Jan 20, 1993




Final Score:

It was traditional for Nintendo to make a second sequel to a game, and back in 1994; when the world was using their SNES controllers as Go-Kart steering wheels in Super Mario Kart, or playing Super Mario World, Nintendo Released SML3 on the Game Boy. 'Wow! A new Mario GB game!!' people thought - was their excitement justified?

There was one major difference to SML1 and 2, and that was, that the title 'Super Mario Land 3' was out of place, as you not play Mario, our friendly plumber, you play Wario, his evil twin brother, and arch-enemy in SML2. This is quite a good prospect for Mario-haters, but a bit of a downer for loyal fans. It actually works very well.

The game itself is hugely disappointing, as it is a weird SML2 clone, with just new levels and a new lead role as Wario, but it has a good storyline to it. Wario looks a little weird, not as good as he looks in Wario Land 2, but you can make him out nicely, which, puts this way over SML1. Control is a great factor, like in both Wario games, it is easy to master and to use, which improves over some previous platformers which have had very slippery controls.

The graphics are in Black-and-White (as they were back then), which almost suites this game as Wario is in it. Overall, Nintendo could have tried harder on the graphical side like in SML2 which was a big step from SML1. Onw good thing about Wario Land is that it has 3 save slots.

Wario has a good debut in his new 'trilogy' of games (with Wario Land 3 coming out sometime in 2000), but on the other hand, this game is a little weak for Nintendo. I still prefer SML2 or Wario Land 2 over this game and SML1. On another note, I'm not sure if this uses the Super Game Boy, but it has no GB Printer support.

-- TW (

Bottom Line: Super Mario Land 3 is average, better than SML1, but not as good as SML2, WL2 or SMBDX. If you're a Wario fan, get this classic game. It's enjoyable.