GB Review: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Review by: Tiger (

Game Info

 System: Game Boy
 ESRB: Everyone
 Genre: Platform
 # of Players: 1
 Size: 4 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Game Save: Yes

 Release Date:
 US: Jan 20, 1992




Final Score:

Ahh, the classics. A Game Boy Collection should not be with not some favorite games that everybody can enjoy. And proudly I say, SML2 is one of them. What makes it's special? One word. Mario. Our favorite video game icon makes it's second debut in a platform game for the Game Boy.

What really makes it special? Gameplay. Everybody enjoys a Mario platform game, and especially this one. The graphics are top notch, no matter what you may think, it broke records with me. The cartoony Mario may remind people of Super Mario World, of the Super Nintendo era. The nice vivid graphics really suck you into gameplay, at least I couldn't put this down.

Now the story. Story was ok. Just the same "your castle abode is being taken over by evil creep" scenario. No biggie. So you end up traveling to places to get back your 6 golden coins, of which are sort of like the "keys" to get back your castle; which is taken over by Wario, that evil creep.

As I said a dozen times, gameplay is nice. You have a choice after beating the first main level of which area to go to first, which is nice. The auto save feature also comes in handy.

And this time, the the coins you collect are useful! In the middle of Mario Land there is a slot machine thingie, in which you can bet coins to get 1ups, more coins, power ups, etc.

There are secret levels to explore, and goombas to squish. All in all, this is the best platformer in the GB field.

Pluses: - Autosave - Get to pick your own area to go to - Coin slots - Fun and exciting levels - Secret levels to explore

Minuses: - Not enough levels - It goes by quick - It isn't colorized for the GBC...grrr...

-- Tiger (

Bottom Line: Everyone will need some sort of Mario game on their Game Boy.