GB Review: Super Mario Land
Review by: Tiger (

Game Info

 System: Game Boy
 ESRB: Everyone
 Genre: Platform
 # of Players: 1
 Size: 0.5 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Game Save: No

 Release Date:
 US: Jan 20, 1989




Final Score:

Wow, back to the far depths of Game Boy history. One of the first platformers for the Game Boy, it has been a LONG time since it was released...1989!

I'm sure some of your were little little kids then. So Nintendo re-released it sometime near 1995. With not much a plot, it was a simple run-shoot-jump game.

The graphics are mediocre, since and early game. As with most old games, this game is NOT easy. As easy as it looks, most classic games are tough. With no password feature and of course no save feature, you have to beat this in one sitting.

The gameplay is fairly easy, but since the sprites are small, it's hard to see enemies and such. I don't really see this as a "good" game since it really isnt that great...but classic games tend to end up in every gamer's collection.

This game is annoying. I have never really played this game in a long time, and probably won't in a long time. I'm sure all of you have played or at least know of this game, so why should I ramble on?

- First platformer
- Bonuses for ends of levels
- First Mario game for GB

- No Super Game Boy or Game Boy Color Support
- Tough game!

-- Tiger (

Bottom Line: Nintendo should re-make this game for GBC!