NES Review: Super Mario Bros. 2
Review by: SolarGamer (

Game Info

 System: NES
 Genre: Platform
 # of Players: 1-2
 Size: 2 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Game Save: No

 Release Date:
 US: Jan 20, 1988




Final Score:

I bet almost everyone knows the classic "Mario Plot" to video games. But for all the people that think you know a Mario game, you haven't seen anything yet. Mario Mania best describes Super Mario Bros. 2, because it is "way out there". While some may disagree, SMB2 is pure genius. It lets us explore the world through Mario's eyes, and opens the door to a plumbers head. In this shocking sequel, Mario takes a break from the Mushroom Kingdom and vacations in a strange world called 'Sub-Con'. While this gamewas clearly the most disappointed game of the Trilogy, it still has all the components of Mario fun. Lets take a look at this misunderstood game.

So why exactly is SMB2 different than any other Mario game? Maybe because it isn't a Mario game. Thats right, the good ol' Nintendo transformed one totally non-Mario game and made it into one. You see Japan had already released a SMB2 in Japan that wasn't released over on this part of the world (except on Mario All Stars and SMBDX). Nintendo thought that the Japan. SMB2 was too much like the original and maybe even too hard for us gamers over here. So they took a game called "Doki Doki Panic" and made a few adjustments and made it a Mario game. I bet a lot of people didn't know that ;-). This explains why this maybe the most original Mario game of all, because it isn't one. Oh well!

The odd story of this game is like this... Mario had a dream about a large stair case leading to a door. When he opened that door a strange land unfolded onto his eyes. But alas it was only a dream...or was it? Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, and Toad all decided to have a picnic in a nearby mountain. When they got to the mountain they saw a nearby cave they wanted to check out. When inside the cave, Mario was surprised to see the same staircase he saw in his dream. Mario and his Friends climbed the stairs and opened the door to find themselves in a new land. A faint voice had told them that this land is under control, by the evil Wart and it is up to them to save the land of Sub-Con...Can Mario live up to his latest challenge? Will he find out who this Wart is? Will he ever get out of Sub-Con? Is this all a dream? The answers to all these questions is yes.

Once you got to playing this game, it was obvious it wasn't your "classic Mario". It seems Mario lost the ability to jump and kill enemies and would instead have to throw vegetables in order to kill them. There were plenty of other things that didn't match the Mario genre...but I won't go over that. The most important fact about this game, is that it is easy fun. I happened to enjoy killing those shy guys with turnips (who wouldn't?). I also liked the originality to the levels, as well as the details. I think it was well done. What do I think of the graphics?

It is quite a leap from SMB, in which that Mario is now more animated, and smooth. This I would have to say did make it more enjoyable. You can actually make out all the characters, and their movements were classic. Once again, this isn't your Mario 64, but at the time it had progressed from the moving squiggly lines. Mario looked like Mario, We began to see a difference between Mario and Luigi, Toad looked like a walking mushroom, and Princess looked like a princess. The graphics were good.

The Game Play took a little getting used to. You had to adapt between the different characters strengths. For example I did horrible with Luigi's hover jump. So someone would have to get used to a character like that. You would also have to adapt to the buttons of your NES controller because one button was jump and the other you had to pick up stuff, and there were other types of combinations. Game Play....ehhhhh

The Music got pretty annoying after awhile. It had nothing to do with Mario and was always a repeated distraction. I would be dead if I heard those annoying tunes again...I am deaf after hearing them. Music....puh

In the 2nd chapter of the Mario was strange. But without it. Such strange characters that are in the Mario Universe today, wouldn't be here. It may not be a true Mario game, but in my heart it will always be one. I respect this loner game...Thats all I have to say.

-- SolarGamer (

Bottom Line: This is the strangest of the Mario games. But none the less it is still one. Take a few minutes to look back at this game. But make sure it is only a few minutes.