NES Review: Super Mario Bros.
Review by: SolarGamer (

Game Info

 System: NES
 Genre: Platform
 # of Players: 1-2
 Size: 0.3 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Game Save: No

 Release Date:
 US: Jan 20, 1985




Final Score:

Super Mario Brothers, the game that started the world wide craze for Video-Games. Mario has taken a long journey to get where he is today, and it all started with this little game. You may not realize this, but Mario is more recognizable than Mickey Mouse, and has been marketed on everything from Pinball games to Shampoo. Releasing a Mario game has always been a tradition, which started with this game. Let's take a look at the game that started it all...which was released in 1985, on the 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

When SMB came out it wasn't a game by itself, but shared the spot light with a game called Duck Hunt. It is fair to say though that Mario shot that duck out of the sky. SMB had a total of 32 fun filled worlds that showed us the evil walking mushrooms, to the flying turtles. America was amazed by the simple yet effective game and strangly enough, fell in love with an overweight plumber.

Well, the story of this game, is a strange and twisted one. A giant turtle like creature called King Koopa has taken over the peaceful land of the Mushroom Kingdom. Koopa has kidnapped the princess, and turned all the peaceful Mushroom people into, believe it or not mushrooms. Who would save this Kingdom? Who would rescue the Princess? Why none other than, the Super Mario Bros.

Once you got to playing this game, it was addicting. You would go crazy if you couldn't beat a level, and would find yourself always coming back to play. The levels where pretty much all alike, where it took you to the ground, to the underground, to the sky, to the water, to a sinister looking castle. The levels where eye candy (at the time). Most would not be put off by the "stone age graphics", but it is still pretty cool if you ask me. As I said it was the best it was at the time.

On the subject of graphics, it was a bunch or squiggly lines for characters and backgrounds. It is strange how most people excepted it, but if you look back it is quite comical that we knew Mario as that. Lets face it, SMB was not your SM64. But SMB had good game play, good story, good characters, and most of all it was fun!

The game play was good as you can get out of a 2 button controller. The only thing that truly did bring done the game was the small controller that hurt your hand and fingers as you played. But, eventually your fingers got use to it and before long you forgot you even had the controller.

You all know the SMB theme song. Well, this was the classic one that started the "Mario Song". It was clear and catchy and just inhanced the game even more. All the types of levels had there theme music, that all would eventually humm along with.

The SMB Saga has been through a lot. Who knows what Mario's future holds. Take time to appreciate this game because after all without out this game all the famous sequels would never have lived and maybe even the video-game market would never have been.

-- SolarGamer (

Bottom Line: Take my advice and go get this game in some form. Super Mario Bros is classic fun.