Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018

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by: Hairball

There had been serious hype building up over the past several days with lots of rumours along with cryptic social media posts from Nintendo. But they have finally dropped a Nintendo Direct Mini on 1.11.2018 with several interesting announcements for Mario-related games.

Around this time last year, Nintendo had a Nintendo Switch presentation with a variety of games revealed.

There is one brand new Mario game announced, Mario Tennis Aces for the Switch, a sequel to Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on the Wii U. This game features a story mode for the first time since the Game Boy Advance. Release is scheduled for Spring 2018.

Nintendo announced a new free DLC for Super Mario Odyssey called Luigi's Balloon World. With this update, Luigi makes his first appearance in SMO (a Luigi costume was only available for Mario to wear), along with a new gameplay mode and additional outfits for Mario, and additional snapshot filters. In this mode, players have 30 seconds to hide a balloon somewhere in a stage, and another player has 30 seconds to find the balloon. Given the speed run community that exists, this mode can add a significant challenge and additional replay value to the game. The DLC will be released in February 2018.

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Finally, Mario's frienemy Donkey Kong will be avalable as paid DLC in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, scheduled for Spring 2018 as well.

Source: Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018