April Fools Day 2001

This page is to look back at the pranks we at SM128C pulled off on April Fools Day 2001, take a look at the two stories we had up...

Stories on April 1, 2001

Paper Mario - Yoshi is Playable!

  • This article features fake screenshots with Yoshi as a playable character in Paper Mario
  • Written by Hairball (hairball@sm128c.com)

The Truth Behind Super Mario 64 2!

  • This story is about the "leaking" of the Super Mario 64 2 ROM, a game that never really existed
  • Includes fake screenshots with the game running on Nemu64, a popular Nintendo 64 emulator
  • Written by TWgamer (twgamer@sm128c.com)

We hope we didn't offend or hurt anyone too much on our updates, after all, it was a joke kinda thing...but we'll be back next year, with even more FUN!