April Fools Day 2000

Oh my god, how did you find this page?  Well, however you did, this is the April Fools Day 2000 section, where the updates for April 1, 2000 are found.  This was one of our attempts to make a joke for April Fools Day, and we hope you thought it was funny.

Well here are the two faked stupid articles you wanna see:
Luigi found in Super Mario 64!
Mario and Sonic...Partners?

And here's NeXtreme's minor article:

Shigeru Miyamoto Leaves Nintendo
After many revolutionary Nintendo games including Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and other various titles, Shigeru Miyamoto has unfortunately departed from Nintendo. Although Nintendo has not specified any details of this event, rumor has it there was some disagreement in the next generation Super Mario title. This demise of Miyamoto will implement in Majora's Mask unfortunately. We bid farewell to the savior of Nintendo and wish Mr. Miyamoto the best of luck with his future allies, which hopefully excludes Sony.

Written by: NeXtreme
Source: TMK, SMBHQ

There you have it, this is the April Fools Day update for 2000.  See ya again next year!